Peoples progress by Shurah & Islam in Western countries

Democratic civil discourses known as Shurah (mutual consultations), is the essence of the Quranic teachings ordained for Mankind. Westerners, define their successes by these principles, although Islam in Western countries did not partake in bricking it. The Quranic concept of democratic civil discourses known as ‘Shurah (mutual consultations)’ is emphatically appreciative of a multi cultural conglomerate, clearly accommodative of dissenting religious beliefs and expressly sensitive to peoples preferences but contextually non secular in nature. An entire chapter is enshrined in it exhorting people to equity, mutual consultation and appraisal.

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The Secret of surprise hail-storms in SA, Australia

“It is not about stopping the boats or deterring people smugglers but it is about bringing to end the excruciating state crimes against a people that is causing large scale displacements.” Don’t they learn from the Atheist (strong ones), as they maintain silent attitude over issues concerning human depravity in case they are choosing not be altruistic or as they don’t stand out for their advocacy: Pauline could keep quiet similarly. Faith isn’t merely via advancing lip service. It won’t be praised by Almighty God. It is expected out of us to bring forth good and conduct rightly-with concerning others. The fact is mostly Australians don’t even believe in karma, scientifically advanced materialism has superseded the belief system by-far in greater measures…

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Guardians of the Holy Masjids and the Muslim-world

But accordingly, on a program called the Jewish voice on God-TV the data aired few years prior to the beginning of rebellion in Syria, revealed the Zionists aiming to reduce the Arabs to infighting in eventual hopes to realise the Biblical view of a greater-Israel that would extend beyond Syrian territories well into Iraq and up to the river Euphrates. Thus, the Saudi Royal’s controlled religious machinery seated in Madinah have acted in sincerity to this agenda generating the cause of Jihad in the Muslim world to fight the fellow Muslims. If Saddam .H was at cross-roads that permitted them to aid the USA-led coalition for invasion for black gold more than humanitarian liberation so did every other neighbouring Kingdom that dissented has come under attack. B. Al-Asad in Syria didn’t deserve rebellion any less than the Royal Kingdom in Saudi that is due to deserve,

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Answering WikiIslam’s allegation of Geocentricism on Astronomy found in Quran

Per neo-science men Quran contains numerous scientific and historical errors and to them it reflects a pre-scientific, 7th century view of the natural world. Unlike the claims of orientalist given to Islamophobia and its numerous critics, Quran does not chide away from clear explanations of scientific phenomenon for metaphors, alternative meanings, or phenomenological interpretations. Although we may suppose many alternative explanations of its verses due to our lack of maturity in many scientific phenomena. Wordings and content of the Quranic verses often not only dismiss the popular mythology and unscientific misconceptions of the time of its revelation but even the unscientific misconceptions of modern times. The author of the Quran makes obvious statements that facilitated people of 7th century to understand the Quranic expression of the natural world and yet codified it for future generations to continue their reflection over it. Quran was beyound doubt delivered by an All-Knowing, All-Wise God, therefore its claim that ambiguity cannot be found in it stands uncontested.

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Secularism, Democracy and Islam

Secularism, per wordweb online is “a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations”. Albeit, secularism has regional differences in its interpretation. For example, in Indian subcontinent secularism is the celebration of plurality of various religions. India is a secular country under its constitution which awards ethnic religions and cultures to have their respective polities. On the other hand, the western progressive rhetoric seems to purge the influence of religion out of public forums and political institutions in their interpretation of what secularism means to them.
Undeniably, Islam as a religion did present its own secular stage during its reign. Fundamentally its model of democracy was clear and upright, which is clearly not the case with contemporary democracies unfortunately. In that it restored immunity to traditional religions and cultures to continue their pursuits and respective governances undeterred by its advances. For more information read further.

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The death of Prophet Muhammad

Events surrounding the death of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, are explained in this post. The words he spoke, the actions he did, his thoughts and his interaction with people around him are recorded here. His last words informing mankind to treat women well are the pinnacle of human respect to the fair race. This sermon is from the khutbah of Hamza Khafrawi.

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Freewill and Determinism -does Determinism Shear Free will?

This work is designed exclusively for modern readers who are best at exerting to fight-out bias. Let me divulge a quick analogy before you, in that our likes & dislikes and their swapping positions in our consciousness are a good example to allude towards freewill & its realism, but a grandeur argument underpins this work to disqualify freewill in-compatibilism. This book ushers the Quranic narrative on the long standing philosophical subject of freewill & its in-compatibilism with determinism. In this book I have dealt with the subject thoroughly utilizing realism found in the Quran. And have highlighted traditional wrongs that did subtly slip in diluting the understanding of the subject among the adherents of Abrahamic faiths.
I have noticed philosophical subjects of this nature are popular amongst non-religious and often religious people are brought to present their apology. Which they have best done in the last century earning the prestigious title “the apologists”.

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If God is Just, why is life unfair?

Question – One of God’s names is The Just. But even though I try my best to be a good person and to be kind to people, I get hurt by others and suffer a lot of hardship in my life. Where is justice in that? Life doesn’t seem very fair to me.

Answer – Is life unfair? Of course it’s unfair. Where is the justice in this world? A man can murder and steal, and still live a luxurious life, full of wealth and fame, and then eventually die without any worldly punishment. On the other hand, a man can live a peaceful life, being nothing but kind, patient, and helpful, and eventually die without any recognition or appreciation. Truly, there is no justice in this world, and the Quran even confirms that. God Almighty says regarding the day of Judgment: “On This Day every soul will be recompensed for what it earned. No injustice today!” Quran 40:17

In other words, in the hereafter, there is no injustice, which implies that perhaps prior to that, in this life, there is injustice. But does that mean that God himself is unjust? No. Read more to know.

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How is it a person’s fault if he or she was born non-Muslim?

Question- It seems unfair that people who were born non-Muslim will go to Hell fire on the day of judgement, while I will go to paradise just for being born Muslim, they didn’t get the same chance that I got.

Answer- First of all, regarding yourself as a Muslim: who says that just because you are a Muslim you’ll automatically enter paradise? It is true that most religions teach people that if they merely believe, they will enter paradise, and by that, they will attain salvation in the hereafter. Islam, on the other hand, considers faith to be essential, but not sufficient by itself. So, one can be a Muslim; believing that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger, and still enter Hell-fire. That is because salvation, in Islam, is like a bird that flies with two wings: one is faith and the other is good deeds. The expression: “Those who believe and do righteous deeds” is mentioned multiple times in the Quran. The two are always associated with each other. So, regarding those who have not received the message, and do not know about Islam, or those who have only heard a distorted version of Islam, you should not worry about them. Allah is just.

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Atheism – The First Questions, what is the Source of this World?

One of the most wonderful books I have ever read is a book called “There is a God”, by Anthony Flew, who was a professor of philosophy at Oxford University. Anthony Flew was perhaps the most notorious atheist throughout the world. Through his work related to the philosophy and religion, he must have been responsible for converting tens or even hundreds of thousands to Atheism. However, in 2004, he turned the tables and astonished everyone when he wrote a book called ‘There is a God’, in which he declared that he now believes in the existence of God.

When you ask an atheist: ‘where did we come from?’ They merely answer: ‘We came into being by chance’. The word chance here is quite amusing really, because, not only did we not come by chance, but there is not a single thing in the world that came by chance.

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Why is disbelief in God the biggest sin according to Islam?

I was once approached by someone who told me, ‘I am an atheist; I do not believe in God. But I am a very kind and good person. I volunteer in many charitable organizations, and I give to the poor; so, given all that, when I die, will I go to Hell? Is this the justice of you people – just because I don’t believe in God, I should enter Hell?’

An Atheist claim is that, he does all of his good deeds such as volunteering and giving to charity for the good of mankind, not in the hope of reaching Heaven, nor out of fear of going to Hell. So what is he complaining of, then? He should be pleased that he will not be going to heaven, and not be bothered if he is going to hell. After all, he is doing all of his good deeds for the sake of mankind, so he should feel secure in his knowledge of that and it should be sufficient for him.

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What is a True Revelation? If God did send us a revelation how would we know if its true?

I was conversing with someone and I was told, “science has proven now that we live in a galaxy with about 5 billion stars like our sun and there are billions and billions of galaxies in the observable universe. Hopefully, the next few religious texts that come up will include this fact.”

The poor representation of God by many religious texts has caused a lot of people to lose faith in them. This is a natural reaction to our modern mindset which opposes superstition and wants to see the truth. It is as clear as day to many that those religious texts could not have been authored by God and were written by Men. This realization is desirable in order to recognize the real revelation of God. But in the process of denial we make the common mistake of generalizing all religions into one and see all religious texts from the same perspective as being “old, outdated & man-made”. The first thing I would ask you is not to club the Quran along with the religious texts you are familiar with. Let us be fair. Why should we judge something of which we have no knowledge?

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Can’t we believe in God without following a religion?

I know many people who believe in the existence of a Creator but they do not belong to any religion. Does Belief in God Necessitate Belief in Religion? Would God abandon us without communicating? Certainly, it would not be wise of Him to abandon us in this world; to leave us to our own devices;

You don’t abandon your creations of art and Music, so why will God abandon his? Read more or watch to know if you can pray to God in your own way or if you should follow a religion.

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Problem of Evil solved before Religion and God

We will begin asking how come a God under His prowess did allow evil to manifest? or how apologetically would anyone attempt to reconcile the coexistence of God and evil. Since middle ages, the ensuing theories by theists in favor of the omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent God’s plausibility in the face of the evidential evil are clubbed under compilations known as ‘Theodicy’. Atheists have deemed these theories as unworthy defenses to logical arguments of the form modus Tollens and have since attained some leeway in professing theists as merely apologetic towards the paradox of problem of evil. In this pretext the problem of evil is driven to disqualify God by reflecting that God cannot exist because there is evil which does necessarily rule out His existence in their argument. In my opinion the problem of evil is theorized to refer to God condescendingly. In man’s anciently thought & carved philosophy of religion which now on documentation has ticked over 2500 years is a sort of philosophy which is concocted in downright ignorance from the knowledge of what God explains as truth in His revealed messages.
So then is it fair that man hijacks God’s understanding by capsuling Him in his own whims?

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The perplexing Question- Who created God?

Logically deducing the answer to the perplexing Question ‘Who Created God?’. If we say that everything has a source, and that this source itself has a source, and if we keep up this pattern; each source consecutively coming from a previous source, then the pattern would carry on perpetually. Therefore, logically, this pattern must come to an end; or rather ‘a beginning’ it must reach a source that has no source. And that is what we call ‘the primary source’. The primary source must have existed before the beginning of time, because if it came to existence after the beginning of time, then that source itself must have had a beginning and hence wouldn’t remain as the Primary Source.

Read the transcript or watch the video by Fadel Soliman.

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Intellectual suicide-Religion or Atheism?

Why shouldn’t I be an atheist? What’s wrong with that? Religion scholars from all faiths keep proving the existence of God logically using reason. Nazism and Fascism were also products of reason. The human mind errs, reason could err. Can someone prove to us the existence of God without using reason?

What evidence is there that God exists? All this and more in this Episode 2-“Intellectual suicide-Religion or Atheism?” of Islamophobia Series Season 2 by Fadel Soliman. Read the transcript or watch it.

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Is Questioning Blasphemy?

A young man once asked me – “Sometimes when I ask questions regarding the existence of God, His attributes and His actions, some elders tell me that thinking about such topics can be considered as blasphemy. And this worries me because I think about these things a lot.”

If we question or think, do we become disbelievers? On the contrary, contemplation is required so that faith is not merely inherited. Prophet Mohammad, Peace be on him, contemplated the universe. Prophet Abraham contemplated the universe. And God commands us to contemplate the universe and attempt to crack the code or solve the riddle; the riddle that is: “How did creation begin?”

Read the transcript or watch the beautiful video by Fadel Soliman

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