Guardians of the Holy Masjids and the Muslim-world

But accordingly, on a program called the Jewish voice on God-TV. Data aired few years prior to the culmination of rebellion in Syria foretold dire happenings to come. It revealed that the Zionists aimed to reduce the Arabs to infighting in eventual hopes to realise the Biblical view of a greater-Israel. That would extend beyond Syrian territories well into Iraq and up to the river Euphrates. Thus, the Saudi royal’s controlled religious machinery seated in Madinah have acted in sincerity to this agenda generating the cause of Jihad in the Muslim world to fight the fellow Muslims. If Saddam .H was at cross-roads that permitted them to aid the USA-led coalition for invasion for black gold more than any humanitarian liberation so did every other neighbouring Kingdom that dissented has come under attack. B. Al-Asad in Syria didn’t deserve rebellion any less than the Royal Kingdom in Saudi that is due to deserve. But for the folly of the Muslim world led by Salafis and puritans the Muslim life continues to limbo under stake. Sunni Arabs are only marshalled to infighting and fighting the Shias perhaps merely for a puritanical Salafi view.

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The death of Prophet Muhammad

Events surrounding the death of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, are explained in this post. The words he spoke, the actions he did, his thoughts and his interaction with people around him are recorded here. His last words informing mankind to treat women well are the pinnacle of human respect to the fair race. This sermon is from the khutbah of Hamza Khafrawi.

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If God is Just, why is life unfair?

Question – One of God’s names is The Just. But even though I try my best to be a good person and to be kind to people, I get hurt by others and suffer a lot of hardship in my life. Where is justice in that? Life doesn’t seem very fair to me.

Answer – Is life unfair? Of course it’s unfair. Where is the justice in this world? A man can murder and steal, and still live a luxurious life, full of wealth and fame, and then eventually die without any worldly punishment. On the other hand, a man can live a peaceful life, being nothing but kind, patient, and helpful, and eventually die without any recognition or appreciation. Truly, there is no justice in this world, and the Quran even confirms that. God Almighty says regarding the day of Judgment: “On This Day every soul will be recompensed for what it earned. No injustice today!” Quran 40:17

In other words, in the hereafter, there is no injustice, which implies that perhaps prior to that, in this life, there is injustice. But does that mean that God himself is unjust? No. Read more to know.

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How is it a person’s fault if he or she was born non-Muslim?

Question- It seems unfair that people who were born non-Muslim will go to Hell fire on the day of judgement, while I will go to paradise just for being born Muslim, they didn’t get the same chance that I got.

Answer- First of all, regarding yourself as a Muslim: who says that just because you are a Muslim you’ll automatically enter paradise? It is true that most religions teach people that if they merely believe, they will enter paradise, and by that, they will attain salvation in the hereafter. Islam, on the other hand, considers faith to be essential, but not sufficient by itself. So, one can be a Muslim; believing that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger, and still enter Hell-fire. That is because salvation, in Islam, is like a bird that flies with two wings: one is faith and the other is good deeds. The expression: “Those who believe and do righteous deeds” is mentioned multiple times in the Quran. The two are always associated with each other. So, regarding those who have not received the message, and do not know about Islam, or those who have only heard a distorted version of Islam, you should not worry about them. Allah is just.

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Can’t we believe in God without following a religion?

I know many people who believe in the existence of a Creator but they do not belong to any religion. Does Belief in God Necessitate Belief in Religion? Would God abandon us without communicating? Certainly, it would not be wise of Him to abandon us in this world; to leave us to our own devices;

You don’t abandon your creations of art and Music, so why will God abandon his? Read more or watch to know if you can pray to God in your own way or if you should follow a religion.

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