Explanation for verse 26 in surah Al-Ahqaf

To be precise the context before the verse 26 is further evidence that these words do mean to refer to their abilities to perceive weather phenomenon. The verse 24 indicates the 'Aad saw and perceived the clouds to give good rainfall but then God’s purpose to destroy was realised on them.

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Secularism, Democracy and Islam

Secularism, per wordweb online is “a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations”. Albeit, secularism has regional differences in its interpretation. For example, in Indian subcontinent secularism is the celebration of plurality of various religions. India is a secular country under its constitution which awards ethnic religions and cultures to have their respective polities. On the other hand, the western progressive rhetoric seems to purge the influence of religion out of public forums and political institutions in their interpretation of what secularism means to them.
Undeniably, Islam as a religion did present its own secular stage during its reign. Fundamentally its model of democracy was clear and upright, which is clearly not the case with contemporary democracies unfortunately. In that it restored immunity to traditional religions and cultures to continue their pursuits and respective governances undeterred by its advances. For more information read further.

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