About Us

Peaceful living is most definitely achievable without much barter and exchange of fury. A very simple tool for such an achievement in our opinion is widespread education to condone harmony unless to the point of necessary defence, whether it be in neighbourhoods or communities or across nations or even if it be in case of friendly interactions leading to accidental spates. We also firmly believe that a people can conveniently decide the future of their children’s world. An unsafe territory in this global village of ours may be at bay, but it will continue to shrink into our children’s era. There isn’t an easy alternative but our children certainly deserve a place clean from enforcements, revenge, plunder & threats to civility.

We sincerely appeal our users to positively study our material & posts we offer in this site. Perhaps we will be glad if you can contribute to this site by writing posts & comments based on facts & truth (please become familiar with the user guide for the rules governing the posts & comments). This isn’t a website for a specific people or community but it is a all peoples website. This is most definitely a platform for those who would like to live in activism. Many a people religious or otherwise may not like the narrative of superior argumentation presented herein, we request such to please leave us alone. We stand for freedom of thought and we exercise liberty to act as long as humane sentiments are respected, therefore we firmly believe in civil discourse. We hope you’ll have a great journey with us, welcome again! Cheers.


Masood Ahmed

Masood Ahmed presently lives in Adelaide, South Australia. He is a science graduate with an engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering. In his professional career he has worked as a Design Analysis Engineer for the commercial fleet of Air-planes namely Boeing and Bombardier. As part of his upbringing, very rookie as he reckons; he was fortunate enough that grace of God led him be tinkered by select few wise. His strong hold expertise is in breaking down the meanings of the Quran. Which is evident in some of his commentaries hosted on this site.


Muhammad S. Mansoor

In my late twenties and I am one of the artist of this site. I was born and raised in India and I am presently working as a freelancing consultant in Europe. Oh yes working in IT, I have an eye for technology and progress. I wish my Creator blesses me and my family to be among the forefront of the people mentioned thus, “You are the best nation produced (as an example) for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah…” Quran 3.110.

At a very young age I progressed researching and addressing issues on religion and I find it to be surprisingly easy as I know the Creator has made truth very distinct from error. By Allah’s grace I am gifted with an inquisitive mind of understanding objectively the texts of the major world religions. Other than the Holy Quran I have pondered deeply into the texts of Christianity and Hinduism. I remember those long nights when I was young deeply engrossed in the Bible doing research and it usually ticked 2 am.

Much of my learning on Islam is self-sought and taught as we lived away from Muslim community. But since my graduation I had opportunities to participate with the community in events, activities and Quran study circles. I take pride in my personal library at home which is stocked with books on various religions, theology and social issues. I wish for peace, harmony and mutual recognition between people. Hindus, Christians, Jews, Shias, Sunnis and others are undoubtedly common descendants of whom I care. I strive to propagate what I believe in, with thoughtful mind holding to Justice and truthfulness.