What surrounds Multi-Faith organisations

In relation to building a Multi-Faith Association in my opinion there is no parallel way to what God admonishes for respectful coexistence of humans that there is no assurance of success in the hereafter based on one’s identity alone. Or belonging to a specific faith group does not qualify us to receive the best in the life to come. The striving (Jihad) for self-elation from the vices and known-lows of human nature perhaps will only guarantee security before the Lord of the worlds.

Quran iterates a law from God to mankind, that if any believes in God alone as the provider of life and death: thus, frees himself from inventing newer gods and then graduates to practice righteousness in his life. In which case, he can hope for a good bargain and he can be sure that God is loving him- regardless of his named identity or non-subscription to any faith.

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Peoples progress by Shurah & Islam in Western countries

Democratic civil discourses known as Shurah (mutual consultations), is the essence of the Quranic teachings ordained for Mankind. Westerners, define their successes by these principles, although Islam in Western countries did not partake in bricking it. The Quranic concept of democratic civil discourses known as ‘Shurah (mutual consultations)’ is emphatically appreciative of a multi cultural conglomerate, clearly accommodative of dissenting religious beliefs and expressly sensitive to peoples preferences but contextually non secular in nature. An entire chapter is enshrined in it exhorting people to equity, mutual consultation and appraisal.

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Myth of Muslims not befriending non Muslims

I think sharing wholesome and pure meals across tables and marrying women from Jews & Christians with dignity strongly puts the idea of not befriending non Muslims, at bay. In a certain context Quran educates Muslims to observe prudence but the myth that has evolved on this issue of not befriending non Muslims is foreign to Islam. As there has been long standing association of non Muslim families & communities who essentially lived within the Islamic world. Muslims and non Muslims did thrive and flourish side by side for generations many to this day are known as Coptic Christians in Arabia.

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