What surrounds Multi-Faith organisations

In relation to building a Multi-Faith Association in my opinion there is no parallel way to what God admonishes for respectful coexistence of humans that there is no assurance of success in the hereafter based on one’s identity alone. Or belonging to a specific faith group does not qualify us to receive the best in the life to come. The striving (Jihad) for self-elation from the vices and known-lows of human nature perhaps will only guarantee security before the Lord of the worlds.

Quran iterates a law from God to mankind, that if any believes in God alone as the provider of life and death: thus, frees himself from inventing newer gods and then graduates to practice righteousness in his life. In which case, he can hope for a good bargain and he can be sure that God is loving him- regardless of his named identity or non-subscription to any faith.

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