Answering WikiIslam’s allegation of Geocentricism on Astronomy found in Quran

Per many critics Quran contains numerous scientific and historical errors and to them it reflects a pre-scientific, 7th century view of the natural world. Unlike the claims of orientalist given to Islamophobia and its numerous critics. Quran does not chide away from clearly explaining the scientific phenomenon for—Metaphors or alternative meanings. As Quran is the truth from God, it is vivid and disfavouring to phenomenology. Although we may suppose many different meanings of its verses, which is perhaps due to our lack of understanding of many scientific phenomena. Wordings and content of the Quranic verses often not only dismiss the popular mythology and unscientific misconceptions of the time of its revelation but even the unscientific misconceptions of present times. The author of the Quran makes obvious statements that facilitated people of 7th century to understand the Quranic expression of the natural world and yet codified it for future generations to continue their reflections over it. Quran was beyond doubt delivered by an All-Knowing, All-Wise God, therefore its claim that ambiguity cannot be found in it stands uncontested.

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In embryology, Quran tips exquisite details

A fully formed ready to develop embryo is only a few centimetres in the womb at the end of 5th week. How could Quran 1400 yrs ago accurately described it in detail without the ultrasound or other scopes levied to us today? In such a scenario could you afford to doubt while it composes further to explain us resurrection by this clear similitude ...and [further], you see the earth barren and lifeless, but when we pour down rain on it, it is stirred [to life], it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth [in pairs].

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