can you only blame Climate-change

Series 2- God- Just isn’t a destroyer, but undoubtedly is a stern Punisher

Even though it is now a good know-fact that God, Allah: In Islam is the God of Love, compassion and mercy. Allah remains without hesitation the God of retribution. For the mere fact that His creation owes Him acknowledgement. As He says He would just do away with those who deny to know Him. For evidence of God read here.

After narrating a series of civilisations whom He uprooted He admonishes mankind as follows:

Quran 7:94-102

  1. And We have not sent to any city a prophet except that We seized its people with poverty and hardship that they might humble themselves [to Allah].
  2. Then We exchanged in place of the bad [condition], good, until they [newer generations] grew out of [faith] and said, “Our fathers [also] were touched with hardship and ease.” So, We seized them suddenly while they did not perceive.
  3. And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah, We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth; but they denied, so We seized them for what they earned.
  4. Then, do the people of the cities feel secure from Our punishment coming to them at night while they are asleep?
  5. Or do the people of the cities feel secure from Our punishment coming to them in broad daylight while they are at play?
  6. Then do they feel secure from the plan of Allah? But no one feels secure from the plan of Allah except the losing people.
  7. Has it not become clear to those who inherited the earth after its [previous] people that if We willed, We could afflict them for their sins? But We lay a seal over their hearts [comprehension] so they hear not.
  8. Those cities – We relate to you, [O Muhammad], some of their news. And certainly, did their messengers come to them with clear proofs, but they were not to believe in that which they had denied before. Thus, does Allah seal over the hearts of the disbelievers [from comprehending].
  9. And We did not find for most of them any resolve [for covenant]; but indeed, We found most of them defiantly disobedient.
Understanding Climate-change for the earlier civilisations

The surge in greenhouse gases wasn’t necessary for times when Noah and his companions were carried in the Ark as it rained and stormed for many days. Flooding the landscape that encompassed the population of his people who lived there. Per the Quran, the interpretation of Noah’s flood is that of a localised phenomenon. The world for them was all that- where they lived and travelled for their necessities at that time.

Nor, during Joseph’s tenure in Egypt: That drought which lasted for seven years wasn’t for the anomalous conditions. As go, other examples in history. Today, Global Warming is a valid issue and we do need to badly worry about it.

But, the premise that 1°C rise in global temperature is solely responsible for violent weather is questionable. Storms and other inflictions are from God. God would still send it our way despite temperatures plummeting to historic global normal.

Per Climate Council of Australia in a research on Super-charged storms in Australia: The Influence of Climate Change by Professor Will Steffen and Dr David Alexander reference a quote from a source that water vapor content is estimated to see 7% increase per 1°C warming; Trenberth 2011.

As it is comprehensible that the rise in global temperature helps surge the troposphere with more evaporation of water in a single summer. Which means more rain fall is to be expected; but can it be fully justifiable to allude towards severe and violent weather?

Winds are responsible players in transporting clouds as they form; I wonder if these winds are playing a discriminatory role? Winds apparently have amassed and moved heaps of storms world-wide.  Frightening my guts, they seem to have driven massive Hurricanes very deep in-land in regions of American plates.

The data on, records worst category Hurricanes to have hit every state in the USA. Over the course of 20th century from 1900-2015 all 50 states in the USA have receipted a worst category of Hurricane. Mother nature speaks as if she is very calculative!

No matter how far we progress to opinion God’s non-existence- Having failed to learn from His accounts given to earlier civilisations.

Wherein He has explained the ways of His dealings with us. Hence, we have remained clueless of what is to befall us.

The last among God’s accounts delivered by Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad blessings on him, is found even today in its original recital. A revelation containing remembrances of the Lord of the worlds. That which God calls it, a ‘clear proof’ from him. It is like with it you’re learning in God’s own presence.

Quran 41:13 But if they turn away, say (to them): “I have warned you of a stunning Punishment [of severe weather or mighty clap] like that which [overtook civilisations of] the ‘Ad and the Thamud!”

Quran 29:40 So each We seized for their sins; and among them were those upon whom We sent a storm of stones, and among them were those who were seized by the mighty blast, and among them were those whom We caused the earth to swallow, and among them were those whom We drowned. And Allah would not have wronged them, but it was they who were wronging themselves.

46:27 We (Allah) have destroyed populations round about you (O’ Quraysh, the tribe of Prophet Muhammad); and We have thus shown the Signs, that they may turn [to Us].

As argued, therefore God may choose various ways to warn us or even punish or perhaps give us some more time to reflect but He has explained that these are the ways that He approaches mankind when He seeks to revenge.

Credibility of the Quranic information-

Quran became the first Arabic literary work in the history of Arab culture and the only source of reference for Arabic grammar.

The miraculous claim of the Quran by its language before the Arabs was unusual and that too when it was spelled from a man unlettered, per their traditional records in Makkah, Arabia.

As, it is a fact that Prophet Muhammad, wasn’t skilled in historical sciences or the sciences of weather or modern science or for that matter archaeology. Its information elates as a miracle for people in present times.

There is no Arabic equivalent script that Quran be made comparable to in resemblance and information.

The nature of Quranic Arabic attains an unsurpassable elegance: Obviously, the Arabic poets utterly failed to emulate the challenge. Arabic, then hadn’t had a fully developed script, thus Quran progressed as an oral recitation and as the script evolved it was later documented. In fact, Quran has been a recital committed to memory and sung in prayers ever since.

Quran has brought about exclusive information on the history of mankind and other signatures to examine its veracity from Allah for all times. And it has repeatedly recounted the end of those who suffered God’s displeasure. Also, it progresses to inform that mankind in haste has often disregarded God and humane treatment toward others; for this reason, God has caused the nature to show its furious face.

End of Series 2.

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