National Geographic remained bay to show Noah’s Ark


Science community spotted into favorisitc type sectarian footsteps.

Look, how strangely awkward it is when the images of the Noah’s Ark surfaced, all that National Geographic news had on their reputed website was the left side of the picture. Vague. Who on earth could possibly see the unseen, off the trajectory. The right side of the image is the anomaly captured by the USA reconnaissance aircraft. Wouldn’t it be closer to truth if National Geographic stick this side of the image on their website then dared to pose the question as to whether it resembled like an Ark? yeah… look at that!

In the recent publication by Adam Gabbatt, @adamgabbatt in the Ark encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky which surfaced in ‘theguardian’ Australian edition on 7th July 2016 prejudiced westerner’s were spotted again. Quite well known by now some westerner’s have strangely lingered on to hardened prejudice and favouritism despite tremendous education to crush medieval thought. The fabulous work to reconstruct Noah’s Ark as indicated to dimensions from the Biblical literature deserved a tag along highlighting Islamic mention of this story in great detail. For how long will you and the science community as sighted at National Geographic website continue to estrange men from the Islamic faith? this is because many in the Christian world surprisingly have conjectured Muslims to worship Muhammad as they have made Jesus into a worshipping figure, peace and blessings of God be on them. The world recognises in layman’s knowledge that Islamic faith is Abrahamic, for how much long will you continue to desist to mention it?

In Quran 29.15 ‘…But We saved him [Noah] and the companions of the ship, and We made it [Ark] a sign for the worlds [to see]’. The good length article in ‘theguardian’ wasn’t tagged along like you can see the tags: Religion, Judaism, Christianity. Mention of Islam would have just quenched my curiosity and reflected a sincere image of yours. It is sad to see this persistent side of the Westerners in both Science and Religious sectors.

  • Talis Mancer

    It’s not Noah’s Ark…it’s just a bunch of rocks.

  • muhammad mansoor

    Iam trying to find the source of the right hand side image but couldn’t. Could you let me know

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