The Secret of surprise hail-storms in SA, Australia

Hails tailored to strike our fruits & crops-

In this article attempt is made to explain the wisdom from the Quran concerning God’s avenging Humans. Quran laser-points on the probable reasons for the rouse of natural calamities that are amounting to unimaginable losses for Human societies. In the exclusive context of Australia things are not quite right concerning refugees begging for mercy at their borders. Quran teaches that God, possesses the controls of the forces of the Heavens/Skies and the Earth. Isn’t then, God that is most likely to benefit us and shred losses into our communities? Per the Quran any calamity to befall men has split possibilities. One that comes to test and assess mankind their belief despite suffering calamity. Second, that it is unleashed as a punishment in this very world for our sins. The later having to do with God’s displeasure of our pretty weak or unworthy faith and for our mistreatment of fellow Human beings.

A punishing story in the Quran explains the law of God related to depriving the poor a share from the produce that grows. Apparently this story comes really close in explaining the recent Drought, Cyclones, Storms, Hail, Floods and Fires within Australian territories.

Quran 68:17-20 Indeed, We have tried them as We tried the companions of the garden, when they swore to cut its fruit in the [early] morning

Without making exceptions.

So there came upon the garden an affliction from your Lord while they were asleep.

And it became as though reaped.

The posted on SA weather (Destructive storm damages farms across SA): quoting Mr. Villis a farmer at Cleve on the Eyre Peninsula, “There is a lot of pride in being able to sow a crop and then get it through to harvest, so that is disappointing.” Referring to the storms in 2016 that destroyed much of the fruit.

Every time there is a visitation from nature, much of the crop and yield stands destroyed. Most cases it is up to 80%. The photo from SA in December 2016 shows the impact of damage by Hail. Near similar scenes have brought hundred of millions of dollar damage bills in agriculture in all regions of Australia. Which is also evident from the most recent Cyclone-Debbie visiting over Brisbane in  March 2017.

Storms in SA destroys crops, Storms in Riverland destructive,

Severe SA Storms wreaking Havoc in peak fruiting season

The first of the storms in spring during the change of days from September into October brought devastation. Showering heavy hail and continued to be rainy and windy for four days. Striking the fruit and flowering of the fruit bearing orchards that were gearing up for the season. The first of the twin storms also caused a wide area black-out in SA leaving its 1.7 million residents without power.

The quotes grape grower John ‘Yianni’ Kautouzis said about 10 minutes of hail had wiped out entire 30ha of wine and table grapes at his family’s Berri farm about 4.00pm on Friday.

“The hail was the size of golf balls and was coming in horizontally like it was fired from a machine-gun. It was like being in a war zone.”

By these uninvited visitors smearing heavy losses on farming community, our farmers are disgruntled and are apprehensive of the way climate change is addressed.

Clearly, initial estimates of losses have piled up to hundreds of millions of dollars. One of my friend, owner of a Cherry orchard in Adelaide hills told me that her yield was cut-off by 80% due to twin storms in the fruiting season.

Reasoning into possibility of its random coincidence as many people may conjecture it to be- Our perception of it to be as such (a random event) stands explainable by science albeit it isn’t good enough to bring solace to the bereaved farmers. Especially, when insurers don’t cover them for hail. Instead an aimed determinism, by the command of God is sure to sound more appropriate. Particularly when there is a precedent in the Quran, a Book that has clearly stood the test of time. In a story of the past rehearsed 14 centuries ago to a people (Arabs) who weren’t learned of God’s ways it progresses to explain that God does unleash sufferings into our societies if we behaved haughtily and oppressively.

Reasoning through the Secrets…

I would like to draw your critical attention here: Billions of dollars’ of tax payer’s money expended in the last decade to  force denying true refugees their right to home is a qualifying reason for the severe weather dynamics. If you are for reasoning, then consider the shift in devastation over the last decade. Especially since the re-invoking of policies like the Pacific-solution deal to deny refugees their right to enter and find home. The increasing calamities that have struck Australian territories do get lined up in the wake of policies by its people to restrict genuine refugees. Data published by on Super-Charged storms highlights between 2010-2017 major 11 calamities to the exclusion of counting bush fires have resulted in billions of dollars of insured losses.

On Pacific-solution deal- During its implementation, what can be called as the first phase from 2001-2007 many parts of Australia experienced a long, severe drought starting from 2003 onward (Wikipedia). SA was severely hit, failure of rains in 2006 prompted responses to build the controversial desalination plant to insure Adelaide’s water supply which continues to tax fellow South Australians even to this day.

Plus, the bush fires; all such wrath but is overwhelming; due to our refusal of rights to refugees for shelter and warmth in this land. If we perhaps were to do good, then God’s promised of mercy could be seen.

There is still time, we can fix things with God even now, we can!

Thus, vengeful visitations from the Forbearing-God have grown sharper in the wake of the ad-hoc policies that we have helped get spun under our willing ballots casted to policy makers to continue to deny access to the truly deserving.

Men, women and children in desperation have unwillingly mounted aging fleets or near broken vessels to risk their lives over the Pacific waves in effort to flee from persecution, at-length when they have arrived at our shores we have detained them: To admit- With some exceptions.

Billions of dollars have been spent thus far on efforts to detain and relocate refugees to Papua new Guinee (PNG), Manus and Nauru Islands. The media sources on the web claim the project to relocate refugees to Cambodia has also proven farcical. At a cost of $55 million just five have been “resettled” there.

Imagine if you had voted to power politicians committed to emulate the teachings of Christ, Jesus the son of Mary blessings of God on them; scores of refugees would have met many- good, loving and kind Australians and would have in a straight possibility, happily contributed their earnings to the Australian Taxation Office. That would mean we had presented our case clean before the Merciful Lord of the worlds upholding our stance for human rights.

Neither has the billions of dollars expended over the decade helped us in any way to deal with this problem effectively except to say a big ‘NO’ to the incoming refugees. Australia has only grown hostile in the books of human rights groups such as Amnesty International. And clearly in the books of God Almighty who then necessarily sends upon us calamities. Believe it…because the evidence is clearer.

Knowing the wisdom behind

Let me therefore help you with clear evidence. It is understandable that it requires considerable reflection and thought to examine the evidences presented before us. This is a story that God deemed fit to narrate in the Quran 14 centuries since, the unchanging law of God that He has determined for a situation of trespassing between humans.

Quran 68:17-18 Indeed, We have tried them as We tried the companions of the garden, when they swore to cut its fruit in the [early] morning

Without making exceptions.

Labor government’s initiative to reopen the Manus Island in 2012 to deport arrivals from main-land Australia into detention there, opened a new box of worms. Amnesty International described the situation on Manus Island as “tantamount to torture”, after visiting the centre in November 2013. All of this did contribute to surge in problems with reported shootings by the PNG guards contributing to loss of life and loss of vision for many refugees. The threat from locals also surged and refugees constantly endured plenty of bashings and rape, web media sources report.

On 26 April 2016, the PNG Supreme Court held that detention on Manus Island was unlawful and it must be closed, further court action continued to force both PNG and Australia to act on the ruling. The detention centre is funded and run by Australian authorities by expending billions of tax-payers money designed towards ignoring compassion to humankind. Although the PNG personnel are responsible for the brutality toward refugees the ultimate responsibility rests with Australian immigration, as unanimously accorded.

Thus, as Australians stand failing in this test unfolding before them God’s retribution has caught pace. Malcom Turnbull’s re-election progressed to draft a more stringent policy that stepped up a ban on refugees from entering Australia for any futuristic times. Unheeded by the earlier calamities and blinded by God’s admonishment his briefings of this draconian policy in October 2016, initially sprung out of a bi-partisan support came under sharp criticism from opposition for chasing a ‘One Nation Pulse’ with a plan to black list asylum seekers.

Quran 2:284 To God belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. And if you reveal a thing what remained with you or conceal it, God will bring you to account for it. Then He will forgive whom He wills and punish whom He wills, and God is over all things competent.

One step ahead as always God responds …

68:19-20 So there came upon the garden an affliction from your Lord while they were asleep.

And it became as though reaped.

True faith to seek heavenly father’s pleasure helps humans to keep up with values and moral standards regardless of pressing circumstances. Hypocrisy and faithlessness absolves fellows from really being committed for help and to kindness.

68:21-27 And as they called one another at morning,

[Saying], “Go early to your crop if you would cut the fruit.”

So they set out, while lowering their voices,

[Saying], “There will surely not enter it today upon you [any] poor person.”

And they went early in determination, [assuming themselves] able.

But when they saw it, they said, “Indeed, we are lost;

Rather, we have been deprived.”

Aware of the parable and teachings of Jesus that faith & greed cannot fill the same heart- that when God came you, you refused to help; alluding to the poor as God’s personal-coming. Sincere Christian personalities from many parts of Australia have voiced their concerns regarding this issue to stand for helping refugees.

“It is not about stopping the boats or deterring people smugglers but it is about bringing an end of the excruciating state crimes against a people that is causing large scale displacements.” For Burmese’s persecution of its regional Arakan’s (Rohingan’s), the government of Myanmar could be easily sought by if Australia grows keen to really help stop the Asia pacific refugee crisis, as Australia is able for such an endeavour to effect justice.

While garbed as devout Christians, hypocrites empowered by political prowess make a mockery of religion as the One Nation leader Pauline Hanson bluntly said “refugees are not welcome here.”  I wonder what turns them into morons? It startles me for why and how they miss on the requirements of keeping faith while being a politician. Do the shy away to learn from the Atheists (such as Dr. Dawkins), as they stay put over issues concerning human deprivation? In most cases they choose not be altruistic or as they are less keen for advocacy of the oppressed in the world: Pauline could keep quiet similarly. In my personal experience, agnostic types, who are closer to conceding existence of a Creator but not overly (or formally) religious make a much better people on humanitarian grounds as they believe in learning skills to quell bias. Their devotion to voice and help for human rights has clearly put many Muslims and peoples of other faith to shame!

Quran continues …

68:28-33 The most moderate of them said, “Did I not say to you, ‘Why do you not exalt [God]? ‘ “

They said, “Exalted is our Lord! Indeed, we were wrongdoers.”

Then they approached one another, blaming each other.

They said, “O woe to us; indeed we were transgressors.

Perhaps our Lord will substitute for us [one] better than it. Indeed, we are toward our Lord desirous.”

Such is the punishment [of this world]. And the punishment of the Hereafter is greater, if they only knew.

Faith isn’t merely via advancing lip service. It won’t be praised by Almighty God. It is expected out of us to bring forth good and conduct rightly-with concerning others. The fact is mostly Australians don’t even believe in karma, scientifically advanced materialism has superseded the belief system by-far in greater measures.

After the brief second storm in December 2016 in SA: Businesses quoted “It just feels like a mess and it’s an inconvenience. It’s very hard.” Like in Queensland’s Debbie event post floods people found their homes inundated by sewerage making it inhabitable.

On Nauru, per sources on web media: Dr Robert Adler, a paediatric psychiatrist said “Families were living under a marquee, separated from one another with plastic sheets, with no easily accessible toilet or kitchen facilities, no privacy and no air-conditioning in 40-degree heat”.

Infections and skin diseases are rife among the asylum seekers on Manus Island. About one in six people living on Manus Island contract malaria each year. Asylum seekers suffer “snakes inside their accommodation, mosquitos, [and] inedible food that often has cockroaches in it”, per the Sydney Morning Herald as found posted on web media.

How to avoid storms and other natural calamities

People of Australia, are we to wait for God’s severe retribution? He is clearly, by-far the Punisher, Lord of the worlds. One, who is on everything able and well has the power to abase the guilty. Wasn’t His forgiveness to founding fathers of Australia a favour- as they owed towards the care of Aboriginals. God favoured their intent to reform after the Indigenous were massacred by those who arrived first. Shouldn’t we then, march on the progressive pathway? As the children of immigrants are in authority over its inhabitants. Shouldn’t we consult its elder people? How can we afford to ignore both, the predicament of the refugees coming to us and the goodwill of the Aboriginal owners of the land?

Shouldn’t we wish to pay true tributes to the land owners by consulting them in this matter. By doing so we’ll absolve ourselves before the Lord of the worlds. If the Indigenous decide to deny refugees to come on-board Australian shores then we stand absolved before God. It is simple, we will not lose but can become clean before God by consulting the first owners of the land.

Just look at the migration of birds that fly in, they aren’t denied entry (natural mechanisms are conscionable unless violated by human greed). Has national belonging traded our humanity?

Or is it racism lurking beneath? What if they were White people from Europe, would we then prolong our debates or be felt hurried to help?

Indeed, Germans and Canadians stood distinguished in 2016-2017, God bless them.

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Images, related Information & Data: from online sources, also from Australian news media, &

Main image by Nick Dunn user submitted to; December 2016, Storm approaches in Semaphore South, SA.