can you only blame Climate-change?

Series 1- Introduction

Let me attempt a modest try to explain the wisdom behind Climate-change due to which we stand troubled today. In this series of articles on- can you only blame Climate-change, I will try my best to help understand the reasons for severe destructive weather phenomenon surrounding us. Introspecting in to the critical circumstances of the past during which nature has shown us it’s unforgiving countenance; It is possible to see our present predicaments with weather in that it may perhaps help us to pursue ways to avoid it.

I think, we need to blame our moral actions more than our industrial pursuits for the severe weather. Having not learned that- God, has thus helped mankind progress all along which means to disappoint him would amount to asking for trouble. So, as and when we neglect to turn to Him penitent, His displeasure surrounds us by the angry-turning face of mother nature. It is a pointer I’m after to lay evidence for.

The severe storms that we are getting to witness aren’t just the tail-end of a deformed-climate model. If it was so perhaps high-energy Earthquakes hadn’t followed suit in similar exhibition, as it stands clearly explainable that these two sources of energy dissipation are miles unallied.

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The above figure showing temperature anomalies is a good indicator of rapid industrialisation since mid-1900s. Nothing surprising the weather has taken striking resemblance in that to say that the frequency and severity of charged weather has followed suit. But, what remains incomprehensible is even Earthquakes show similar patterns; has global warming influenced earth that deeply?

The Earthquake data can be measured for destruction based on unique factors specific to geographical locations and population domiciled in those regions. The main factors that scale-up the measure of destruction point to the type and age of infrastructure and population density. For sanity purposes, I have shown statistics for what can be categorised as destructive seismic magnitude of 7 and above on the Richter scale.

The first and the second half of 20th century have recorded 90 and 106 counts of Earthquakes respectively.

The 21st century thus far has experienced 252 counts, data finalised up to December 2016.

On the other measure, the high-energy Earthquakes of seismic magnitude 8 and above have evened-out pretty much with 26 and 25 counts respectively in the first and the second half centuries.

In the 21st century 20 counts of high-energy crust crumps have thus been recorded.

The above data sourced from Wikipedia and from United States Geological Survey correlate well. It ensues from this study that there is about two-hundred and fifty percent increase in counts of terrible-Earthquakes of the seismic magnitude 8.5 and above; 21st century data as compared to 20th century engagement of Earthquakes.

In making a reasonable comparison, the yearly rate of Earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above that occurred during 1940s, 1960s and 1990s as highest recordings in 20th century scale-up to nearly three-hundred percent increase during 2001-2010. The rate of 13.4 Earthquakes per year at the closure of 2010 has now increased to 15.75 per year closing December 2016.

However, the averaging of Earthquake data for 20th century at the rate of per decade if compared with 21st century thus far acting as fulcrum over human endeavours in the wake of Globalisation that which has triggered manipulations of resources world-wide. Plus, with the heightening political ambitions, the 21st century rates sore up to show seven-hundred percent increase.

With Storms- It is very difficult to classify and report as there are hurricanes, typhoons, heavy hail storms, cloud-bursts and flash floods, cyclones, desert dust storms etc. Again, for sanity purposes I have analysed data from the history of worst hurricanes of the tropical Atlantic storms. As this narrows our research area to the Atlantic basin with landfalls in North and South American plates; this approach thus, limits us to realise the impact of increase in frequency and the sheer number of storms surprising audience world-wide.

The data sourced from; and Wikipedia help us grasp a good understanding of surge in severe weather.

The first and second half of 20th century has recorded 11 and 53 categorised as the worst hurricane landfalls.

The 21st century thus far has experienced 48 worst such hurricane landfalls, data finalised up to December 2016.

The data shows clear four-hundred percent increase in catastrophic hurricane landfalls in 21st century as compared to 20th century battering of hurricanes.

As it is clear from the figure on temperature anomalies that, the pursuit of materialism has pushed industry on for a rapid race in expansion. Thus, led by stock-piling and mutual boasting mankind’s chase for economic well-being and grandeur has brought us to the fore on containment of greenhouse gases. It is also clear that we need to adapt fast to be industrially lean and clean.

And, it is also clear than never; that some purist nations need not push boundaries of cultural Globalisation unto foreign lands. To render it in simpler terms: One need not invade a country in case of Iraq thrusting greenhouse effect and killing scores of civilians with immense destruction such that a fashion show in Iraq’s central be concluded as it’s now belonging to the modern world! Our greed for more Power by ways unimaginably cruel both on politically world-wide and at very personal levels in a society has contributed to disastrous results for us and for our future generations to build a strong humanity and care for Earth.

If Humans do not treat others the same, for what is the natural law spelled by many good teachers of the past such as Jesus and Muhammad blessings on them,

that ‘like for your neighbour, what you like for yourself’.

And that ‘you have no faith with your belly full while your neighbour starves’. God’s retribution is guaranteed.

Quran 67:16-18

  1. Do you feel secure that He (God) who is in the heaven would not cause the earth to swallow you and suddenly it would sway?
  2. Or do you feel secure that He who is in the heaven would not send against you a storm of stones? Then you would know how [severe] was My warning.
  3. And already had those before them denied, and how [terrible] was My reproach (of them).

End of Series 1.


A scientific paper on on “Global risk of big earthquakes has not recently increased” apparently is suggestive of data manipulation. With local clusters of aftershocks removed; which, sums up to 1089 counts of removal from 2200 counts presented in its reporting which is amounting to nearly 50% of data being dismissed from the graph.  Such indicators removed will clearly flat out the peaks of the curve in the graph. For example, on 26 October 2016 a 6.1 earthquake struck followed by a 6.6 on 30 October 2016; both struck significant damages in the regions of Italy and were aftershocks from an earlier 6.2 earthquake in August 2016. The PNAS is suggestive of reckoning this as just one strike instead of counting it as three different strikes potentially damaging on all occasions. Much of the numbers removed due to such de-clustering that have accrued over the last couple of decades is clearly indicative of crafting to suppress the reality of increased responses from the Earth.

As argued, therefore God may chose various ways to remind us or even punish or perhaps give us some more time to enjoy but He has explained that these are the ways that He approaches mankind when He seeks to take retribution.

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Figure on temperature anomalies, taken from on Super-Charged storms in Australia: The influence of Climate Change.