Refugees, collide the Left & the Right wings in Melbourne

Refugees: Men in Melbourne collide on left and right minds-

Perhaps, the internal struggle to live by the principles of  Justice & Humane treatment, men in Melbourne find themselves at cross roads; as seen over refugees, Melbourne protest. God bless this young nation and guide its men and women to imitate into the footsteps of Jesus, the Christ; blessings of God be on him; even as refugees have walked over wide waters to reach its shores! in a very un-legal way.

I did  write an appraisal on the western world in general for their being better representatives of God’s injunctions towards fellow Human beings. In other words, emulating Islamic Shariah more than the Muslim nations in the world including the so called “Islamic Saudi Arabia”.

In this matter concerning protest on refugees in Melbourne; the far right stance disparages Australian worthy image of a young rising nation. Who am I to claim this? Well, let me explain. Inhabitants of old of this land will be at wrong if they didn’t believe in extending thanks to the later settlers from the colonial British who have sweat their souls to build this nation, (I need to mention that the extermination of their race in parts of Australia is disgraceful and worth everlasting condemnation).

On similar lines every individual who travels to this land and efforts his soul, earns the tribute by virtue of his choosing to come here to contribute in building this nation further. As such all fellows who continue to flock regardless of their circumstances deserve hospitality and an opportunity to share the warmth of this Aboriginal Land. Will ever God be pleased with us, as such since we are trespassing now from extending kindness to fellow human begins? Don’t our voices reverberate in the parliament house every morning testifying to the Lord of Christ who art in Heaven, that we shall be gracious in giving? Now, when God comes asking at our shores should we refuse him refuge? Must we then detain Him in a far away land? Have we forgotten that He did bestowed on us a continent over its inhabitants of the old? Do we yearn Him to reciprocate away his favours from us?

Nay! I believe we must wish that He will continue to bless us more; such that we will strive our utmost to be Just & Kind. The safe exit for the left and right wings is to pass the card to the traditional owners of the land to take a call on this issue, if at all they really intend to host those refugees? If they do prefer by virtue of their own traditional values, it will be their generosity. Which perhaps, we need to heartily regard & respect. Instead; if they choose to refuse, thereafter the rights stand absolved before God. After all God will bless you for having returned at least one parties legitimate rights.