Evidence of God

Please know there is access to God. You can in complete sincere humility ‘call’ upon Him it is called ‘dua’ in the Arabic language. He will rescue you from the nightmares you suffer from, a premier piece of evidence. Then on, you have to build your rapport by thanks giving & praises, after every instance you remind Him to yourself He gets ingrained in your mind, this is known as ‘zdhikr’. Now since your mind is conscious of His might in reaching your senses you need to command yourself to establish a connection which is called as ‘sil or salah’. This act will render your entire senses into an ecstasy of a magnificent empowerment and a permanent evidence that ever resides in you and which remains very personal to you. Faith is but a personal journey! Try this out.

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Islam the only religion acceptable to God

In Islam religion is defined as a way of life in which any cultural background of a community is not a conflicting prerogative. Due to human weaknesses we often slip from the principles of honesty and integrity causing discriminatory disturbances among communities in our governances, observe the asymmetry in our democratic participation by all the peoples of the land due to disproportionate polling their identities suffer. As such a supplementary governing body by virtue of a classed majority granted sovereignty is sure to determine an auxiliary form of governance from the universal need of all peoples. Therefore, as a necessity God must entirely be credited as Sovereign.

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