8 insights of the Unforgivable Sin

The only unforgivable sin before Allah remains Shirkh (associating or making partner gods). what does it really mean? If any does carving of an image then summons it before himself or his people as his deity then he carries the blame for creating or making up a god. People see the benefit of trafficking gains by misleading numerous men and believe me nothing can come closer to gods carving trade for vested benefits. The real God remains unseen ever closer to the conscience of the learning human. This clarifies the position that nothing as an object can be considered qualifying as a God figure. To my surprise many Christians in the western world assume that Muslims worship Muhammad as God or the son of God like their own predicament of worshipping Jesus as God and often as the son of God and seldom as holy spirit. Quran clarifies its position saying O people do abstain from ascribing children to God and inventing strange concepts such as trinity. Having said this let us ponder on the subtle inferences of ego gods and partner gods as detailed in the Quran in the paragraphs to come down the line.

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