Atheist Richard Dawkins Atheism is inadequate

As you may be aware that Quran was documented more than 14 centuries ago. It is found that it criticises much against the idea of speculating the truth about God’s existence. We learn through many a stories in it that denial of God was an argument from ancient times predating even the Abrahamic revolution. So the idea that modern science fuels disbelief is belittling. Unfortunately for Atheists, Atheist Richard Dawkins’ Atheism hasn’t constructed any newer arguments to build the case. The Agnostic dilemma is thus frozen since time immemorial. Any amount of new Scientific progress is ineffective to bring an alternate solution to the Causal problem at hand. In fact modern Science corroborates evidence to the incomprehensible nature of God. Stating, that nothing in itself is unstable and as such impossible. Which became the first ever knowledge from God to mankind that He has had no beginning Himself.

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