Is God the creation of Man? or Did Man create God to explain his shortcomings

Relying on people’s opinions is not the correct premise to judge the existence of God or to analyse His message’s worth no matter how intelligent or charismatic the person is. Neither is depending on majority consensus the right way. Prolonging or waiting for an expert opinion to tell you whether to believe in God or not is also not worthwhile lest you lose the opportunity for belief. God is prevalent in human conscience and His messages are clear as day. Let me strike an example to you; In case of me imitating a voice to you over the phone despite all the assistances from that person to mimic him to greatest possible degree with best of my talents your unique enquiries to me will prompt me to succumb from true imitation. Similarly the Quran will clarify to you in a convincing way that it is not Muhammad or any other human but God is conversing with you. It is perhaps your own cognisance that will truly help you identify demi gods otherwise you may prolong the wait anticipating expert opinions and finally lose the opportunity for belief. Get this Vib. Sync. & you’re there

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