Earth’s sky a Quran miracle

Our precious Atmosphere (the blue Sky) is unique to planet Earth. It is now a consensus in science that even Mars in its early formation had an Atmosphere and water is found to have channelled turning pebbles to aline like the rivers force them to as we notice here on Earth which was picked up by Mars rover as evidence pointing to its possibility. Atmosphere is such a big thing that life wouldn’t be possible due to its absence. Centuries ago Almighty God, Allah has revealed this information in the Quran at a time when we could barely reflect on these details. While is describes it as a canopy supporting life in surah 2.22 is nearly not a claim in itself in this article. Perhaps it may sound like I might be reading way too much into the vague text as some have argued. But, if Quran has informed of a technical details it will be the hard bit which I would like to use to nail the wail arguers. Its spherical construction is a sign to modern generations such that we acknowledge God though His book the Quran as the Chief Creator of all the wonders.

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