Jesus turns water into wine at Cana. But was it really alcohol?

Those who are mislead into thinking that Jesus advocated drinking Wine need to re-read the Bible! A man who taught to wish for others what we wish for ourselves could never have wished us to drink alcohol while he himself abstained from it. The sufferings of men due to alcoholism, the billion dollars on medical budget deficits due to soaring drinking problems and its associated domestic violence can never be attributed to the miracle of Christ turning Water into an alleged alcoholic component. As such the Gospel like the Quran disdains Wine drinking in...

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Islamic wars countered offensives and oppression for civilian liberties

Prophet Muhammad made a magnanimous decision to pardon the people of Makkah for their crimes against early Muslims which encouraged them to embrace faith avoiding their exile. Islamic wars always ended in this fashion, remember what commander An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub known as Saladin (1137–1193) did to the Crusaders, yes he imitated the final Prophet of God, Muhammad in extending amnesty to those of the crusaders who had butchered Muslims in Jerusalem. Yes, its all about glad tidings from Muslims for all people, so it was before all that corruption that we see today.

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