Refraction of white light in Atmosphere a Quran miracle

Since mars lost its Atmosphere, planet earth became unique for this reason in about a million solar systems that we are searching to find a similarity for an earth like planet. What this really means to us is its tantamount relation not just to host our survival but to assist our ability to vision. Our celestial Moon is one such body at proximity which does give us the opportunity to imagine how it would entail to be on it craving for visibility. Because we can’t see the way we do here on earth even if the Sun showed up the zenith. Science inquiry has helped us know that due to the fact that Moon has no Atmosphere of its own Sun’s white light wouldn’t scatter as a result the ambience is dimmed and therefore low visibility prevails. Almighty God, Allah has revealed this information when we could barely reflect on these details as a sign to modern generations such that we acknowledge Him as the Chief Creator of all the wonders. This article covers Miracle of refraction of white light by Atmosphere in Quran and Conclusion.

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