Logical Reasoning can lead you to faith in God

Jesus Christ | Muhammad show the way to reason-logically:

Strong-willed people who can defeat respective potential to arrogance will never miss-out on this equation to construct faith: if they are at the brink of dropping it; before, the risen outcry of pseudo-science rhetoric. A little reflection on two great historical figures Christ and Muhammad, blessings of God on them, implies logical-reasoning as the first step in achieving- Unfailing faith in Almighty God. Arriving at faith owing to logical reasoning is an inexhaustible area to deal with. But the focus of this article is to elucidate the important relation between Christ and Muhammad that bears the impetus to deliver faith for an agnostic mind.

 What do you think of Christ?

For argument, even if Jesus’s widely known biblical story is taken to be based on a myth. As if, it must fall-short to suffice: for there’re undeniable real-time attributions surrounding the figure of Christ, the son of chaste Mary. Which logically entails that he truly was a historical figure well supported by none other than God himself. Even if biblical accounts be frowned upon by many in the western world as mythology; perhaps, Jesus Christ only in a ‘figurative’ concept has brought-in immense value addition to the charisma of compassion in the world since 2 millennia. This is proofed by the invaluable contributions made by people who followed into his footsteps. Like Mother Teresa: her work in India markedly difficult to surpass is just one example. Unmindful and ignorant as they appear: secular organisations are disqualifying this legacy of compassion & ingenuity shown in philanthropy by the faithfuls. Acting solely by their nature to love God alone for worship: by relying on learning shown by their masters in faith time and again. As secularists now loudly reach-out to profess that it is them (secularly-taught) who make the doers of good. Thus, discrediting the humble believers with no reservations for thanks-giving. Having said this let us attempt to evaluate Jesus’s existence through the use of logic.

Is Jesus just a myth?

Jesus Christ could be held as a myth: as long as there remained no premises for any of his inspired contributions in known spheres surrounding our thought and action. But we know that a whole new philanthropy has evolved around this figure. The like of which did not precede before towards organised care and nurture of commons motivated solely by the love of God alone via shear-selflessness. After such demonstration- Insistence to link Christ to mythology begins to devalue. Jesus Christ is read to have nurtured altruistic devotion to serve the needful and did thus emphasise to make one’s endeavour to the unseen-God in the face of rugged turned Jewish deliverance of faith. The Gospel is filled with accounts of Jesus Christ as an upright persona. Who is looked-up as an example for truthfulness, honesty, integrity and wisdom inferring to his real existence. Thus, for now we can deduce a logical outcome for the problem at hand that the attribution of his stories to mythology is only disinformed assertion.

 Defining logical basis

Is it possible to derive a logical inference to explain the truth in the missions of Jesus and Muhammad? Which are mapped over a Space-Time construct that separated the two by time and by geography. The fact is that Prophet Muhammad could not be learned concerning the whereabouts of the Jewish heritage. Including the circumstances surrounding the advent of Christ which were instances of the distant past in that day and age. 570 AD birth of Muhammad could mean more than 20 generations of time-lapse in a split lineage via Ishmael the half-brother of Isaac, seeded by Abraham. Separated via Space-Time plus found with evolution of indigenous tribes rooted in Arabic culture of pagan-worship posed a significant hurdle to Prophet Muhammad’s knowledge of God’s commissioning the Children of Israel. Such an individual would logically fail to entail a successful narrative of God’s dealings with earlier peoples. And surely time and again would fail in deciphering correct knowledge of the Jewish legacy and thus lack the ability to build prosperous relationships in his mission. But the fact is Prophet Muhammad achieved all this and relayed correct information about the Jewish heritage and that of Jesus Christ confirming with the accounts of Christians in the face of Jesus’s exclusive denial by the Jews. The basis for logic is thus deduced objectively.

Six centuries past Jesus Christ

Sixth century Arabia was a liability for its vast deserts and camel herders. 2 great empires that mooted over strength and superiority fought for territorial gains: but did not want to annex the core of desert-Arabia. The Romans and Persians fought great battles to extend their kingdoms but to none it was admirable to bear the liabilities of owning a desert and its nomadic Arabic tribes. Little could they perceive- The great hidden wealth beneath it. The Arab society by then had deviated much from the footsteps of Abraham and Ishmael who had built the first house of God in Makkah (Mecca). The Kaba, was then a centre for approximately 360 idols and paganism was the desert’s status-quo. To voice against the norms of an outlawed tribal society 14 centuries ago could mean certain death; which surprisingly is what Prophet Muhammad did. The advent of Prophet Muhammad wrought Arabia and propelled its influence submerging the former kingdoms in 23 plus years to come. You can read about Prophet Muhammad on Wikipedia here.

The advent of Prophet Muhammad

In 610 AD Muhammad was commissioned as the Prophet of God. The God of Abraham sent arch-Angel Gabriel to deliver Muhammad the message afresh again. Prophet Muhammad bore the weight and honour of God’s commissioning him for 23 years to come and in 632 AD he died uniting the Arab tribes upon righteous guidance to a single brotherhood based on the worship of one and the only God. The Lord of Abraham who created Adam from mud and had delivered Noah with his companion believers in the Ark.

 God commands Muhammad to warn his people of a mighty retribution

Prophet Muhammad began to call his people to worship one God alone. Concluding that the worship of false-deities housed in Kaba be annulled. With his call he continued to warn the tribal chieftains and the caravans that flocked this central town of Makkah from around Arabia that came to pay their solemn rites to the gods housed in-there and for trade. He warned them continually for 13 years. Warning them of their immanency to hell-fire and fore-telling them of their successes in-here and in Paradise if they believed in his call to worship the one true God. A concept which had become alien to Arabs who couldn’t fathom afterlife. Many arguments are documented in the Quran regarding how leadership in Makkah had argued with him concerning the plausibility of life after death and the Judgement before God. If his mission had no divine commissioning it would be a logical-fallacy to enrage his tribesmen-Who had no concept of after-life to begin with- With the wrath of hell by risking his own life.

Is religion a means for state control?

This argument is born out of misunderstandings and disinformation. The argument promoted by secularists that religion is organised only to control: state and civilian liberties is a myth. However, religion does teach people governance. But considering exploitation of religion by unwise, governance displays undesirable extremism. Similar to aspecific system of governance when able people retire from enthusiasm goons assume governance to display ends of extremism via prisms of their upbringing. In the context of religion as opposed to faith divine guidance is commissioned for the most sane and meritorious amongst us to regulate human affairs in order to usher justice to people as a needed mercy from God. Religion just like Democracy is susceptible to opportunists, impressing upon populist crowds as these are human-affairs. Like how populists get awarded in a representative democracy by a people who can really be uneducated masses it also equally applies to religious undertakings. Very early Islamic history is a fine example of how religion can benefit all people, as it additionally legislates for social preferences and dissent of non-confirming ideologies under the surety of God.

If it was not to institute justice and to bring men in proximity to God alone, for everyone’s individual solace- Prophet Muhammad’s striving selflessly as he began his call by antagonising the norms of the his tribesmen would be a miss-fit. Considering, the evidential peace that resulted by his endeavour: he couldn’t as a man foresee happy future by his own troublesome undertakings. Which he began by criticising his own people for their superstition and their worship of numerous demi-gods that were housed in Kaba for state revenue. Can you imagine a tribal society giving up its stance & traditional practices for the sake of a man rising from the commons? Hard-enough to imagine such a change coming today! Is it in anyway a nice course to assume- Even if his intent was for say, ulterior motives of state control? Muhammad aiming to control Arabia post turning 40 years: makes not any good sense. If this was not a divine ordainment then such an approach would be a logical-fallacy. But, it is a known fact that Islamic contributions provided for the Renaissance of Europe.

Jews | Arabs old enemies

The Jews of Arabia had inherited a deep sense of superiority complex during their times of glory and had cultivated to look down upon humble Bedouins of Arabia. Bible in the old testament scripts many a writings in direct antagonism to Ishmael (Genesis 16.11-12) and his progeny. The Jews post extermination by the Roman Christians were expelled from their lands and had therefore moved into Arabia to live in proximity with their frowned upon inferiors i.e the Arabs. The Arabs exasperated by the Jewish sectarianism continued to live unhearing taunts coming their way to demean them as gentiles. As a result therefore their aversion amongst Arabs was more than plausible. If Prophet Muhammad’s mission was anything other than divine it was an easy proposition for him to rally the Arabs to unite against the Jews who stood condemning them. But strangely the revelations which he received praised Prophet Moses! And the entire line of Prophets among the descendants of Jacob through Isaac were commemorated; yet the revelation stood criticising his own tribesmen for hosting carved idols as gods. This is another logical-fallacy which can only be explained: if his mission was truly from God that demanded God’s true worship more than any other thing having to do with humans.

Prophet Muhammad’s daunting assertion

Prophet Muhammad had began his call on a strangely dangerous idea by infuriating the Arabs who clearly saw him as their enemy within. Because of his criticism of their gods and fatherly practices having to do with many superstition undermining civilian liberties and human rights. He could instead have at some point appeased in ways to gain grounds with his own people. But, he proceeded to assert that the Prophets from the line of Jews (construed as enemies of Arabs) as legitimate respectable figures. Which is daunting! Including Jesus who had been decried by Jews themselves in a way neither siding with Arabs nor with the Jews- Prophet Muhammad staged through a spectacular position indeed! All of this was amounting for his later attempted assassination days before his forced migration to Madinah (Medina). Jesus a Jew himself along with Moses and other biblical Prophets were extolled in the Quranic proceedings as revelations continued from God. This disproves the statement that religion is framed for state control on vested interests. It was easy a proposition for Prophet Muhammad to disqualify Jesus along with other of the Jewish legacy and instead extol the Arabs as superior to achieve the territorial dominion if it was what you allude that he set out to. Prophet Muhammad’s strange to fathom-logical approach clearly counters unreasonable charges and confers impetus to God’s intervention. Who demonstrably navigated successful outcomes at every step of his messenger Muhammad, a keen worshipper. This is a cue for those with wavering faith to amend. And be assured that faith in one God is true guidance.

Is it your standard to lie?

Both, Prophet Muhammad and Jesus were exemplary figures of their respective societies. People hovered around them to catch glimpses of their refined mannerism & purity and even others who stood antagonistically at them couldn’t but grudgingly admit their par-excellence. How could such men whom enemies and friends alike looked-up for exemplary characteristics could have come to lie about God? While during their struggles they lived through unprecedented deprivation and harsh circumstances for crossing swords against the set societal norms. Perhaps it is only in our minds due to wrongly taught or under the weight of our own passions for materialism we often accuse these great men for having lied about God. Or even to say that they might have been deluded to convey the idea of God is discrediting because this idea as we see it poses challenges to amend our certain adaptations and conveniences. When we deem not appropriate to speak lies in the code of our ethical standards such selfless men couldn’t have certainly lied either. Further, these men were miles away from preaching their whims as you can see only rationality was their legacy. All Prophets unequivocally proclaimed that they received revelations from God in the form of signals upon their consciousness which post-transiting into their structural minds they could utter those words. Having ruled out delusion from its possible occurrence; with this logical-gateway of their unequivocal assertion to communicate with arch-Angel Gabriel it now perhaps stands the chance to qualify for split possibilities. Firstly, a blatant lie which is in conflict with the evidence established thus far and secondly, absolute truth from God as they proclaimed it before Mankind.

600 year old prophecy by Christ acclaimed by Prophet Muhammad

In many books of old and new testament advent of Prophet Muhammad is clearly prophesied. In Deuteronomy 18:18 of the old testament and in John 16:13 of the new testament reference to the rising of a Prophet is made. A Prophet from the brethren of the children of Jacob in that case fathered by Ishmael is alluded to. Such a Prophet according to John would guide men towards complete-truth as the prophecy confirms. Yet another prophecy: 1 John 4:3 alludes to a Prophet that is clearly awaited who must be recognised by the followers of Christ. It reads ‘this is how you can recognise the Spirit (Prophet) of God: The spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh (is Human) is from God’. This Prophet is none other than Muhammad who is found confirming every word of it unlike other spurious apostles in later Christian sects. Who went on to assert divinity of Christ in the figure of a God or as one in Trinity or as the begotten son of one God. Prophet Muhammad is the only descendant of Ishmael who claimed Prophet-hood and brought a conclusive scripture. And who happens to annex Jesus Christ on the exact terms of his prophecy that Christ is perhaps only a human-Prophet commissioned by God. This logically ensues successful confirmation by Prophet Muhammad of the indiscriminate nature of God. The chain of Prophets in the past is the most correct scenario. Therefore respective revelations that preceded Prophet Muhammad complement same faith that has been valid ever since.


There is clearly no leeway for disbelief in God the maker of the Cosmos. Rationality, Logic and Science support truth. Reasoning simply shuns the idea of disbelief. Although religion awards the freedom to disbelieve- God will require it out of us, as He is able in His capacity to gather all of us back to Him for Judgement. Up until then God in His law has permitted freedom to choose or refuse to test who among is just indeed.

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