Atheist Richard Dawkins Atheism is inadequate

Breaking the boundaries of Atheism-

As you may be aware that Quran was documented more than 14 centuries ago. It is found that it criticises much against the idea of speculating the truth about God’s existence. We learn through many a stories in it that denial of God was an argument from ancient times predating even the Abrahamic revolution. So the idea that modern science fuels disbelief is belittling. Unfortunately for Atheists, Atheist Richard Dawkins’ Atheism hasn’t constructed any newer arguments to build the case. The Agnostic dilemma is thus frozen since time immemorial. Any amount of new scientific progress is ineffective to bring an alternate solution to the Causal problem at hand. In fact modern science corroborates evidence to the incomprehensible nature of God.  Stating, that nothing in itself is unstable and as such impossible. Which became the first ever knowledge from God to mankind that He has had no beginning Himself.

I did my first hand learning on this subject through my very personal interactions with the Atheistic community.  In my following write up, I shall attempt to debrief my experiences on this subject. I humbly, welcome criticisms from a wider readership.

Value both propositions concerning God’s existence and nonexistence equally

An agnostic, I find is a blind step in a wrong valley. In my opinion, it defines our character as insincere and has severed our intellectual ability from siding a Just position. Can you be, Just with yourself by being an agnostic? Can you value both propositions concerning God’s existence and nonexistence equally? Probably you may incline a bit more towards giving up faith in God. The argument that Cosmos is a derived entity stands out when we consider the formula of cause and effect which is fundamental to physics. This further implies Causality ingress, which strengthens the premise for belief in the Creator.

Humble approach to intellectual reasoning

Perhaps, the concept of realising the existence or nonexistence of God through intellectual reasoning is conveniently missing in Atheism. To fervently reject God without any evidence is in fact a position no less than expressing deep frustration only. On the contrary a humble approach easily leads to the discovery of God. This paradigm can be explained by circumstances of misery and fortune a man happens to go through. A biased human mind while experiencing these situations in life allows self-desires to dictate arbitrary conclusions, which may very well be wrong. The Atheists who reach easy access to amenities wouldn’t feel the need to ask, pray or invest hope in God. Therefore, they precariously conclude to be self-sufficient. Such a thought amounts to saying ‘to me God doesn’t exist because I have no need of Him’ which is clearly an incorrect proposition. Rather a sense of thanksgiving would endorse the Creator of the natural process that sustains life. Being grateful and looking up to the needy will certainly help instil humility in us to see the other pair of shoes in which we could have possibly walked. If you are on this path I believe that these steps will eventually lead you to be humble one day. Sincere one day. And grateful to God one day.

Demand to see God face to face

I reason in case someone conditions his belief to see God face to face would actually mean to annul his faith. Like the once held belief that photons behaved both like a particle and wave which is not in need of our belief any longer after it was demonstrated by a double slit experiment. Similarly, death will render to us the certainty of the unseen nature of afterlife which forms a belief system in us today. I bet rationale and reasoning legitimises a belief system while aberrations and irrationality undermines the same. Such as say if someone has proposed the make-up of God, then one can conveniently reason out from it- as all substances are created or substantiated by the Creator God He couldn’t be a creature Himself. God must be the primal Creator of everything as He has clarified it in the scriptures of the old and has emphasised it in the Quran 42.11 -there isn’t a thing like Him (God)-. 

Disbelief in God stems from impatience and unreasoning traits

The Atheistic thought is miles away from rationalising any real argument to falsify the existence of God. Even though physics has taken clear sides on ‘Causality’ stating it to be one of the fundamental and essential notions in science, often people question God’s existence due to insufficient reasoning and fail to relate the primal Cause to the figure of God. Perhaps unbiased reasoning could help them overcome their paradoxes to realise the Creator Cause as the only God. Due to insincere reasoning on their part their paradoxes remain unresolved and continue to estate apathy in their human psyche. A build of such insincere traits contributes to desolation of faith in God. With this pretext, people suffering grief, question the compassionate God’s reality. Many a people grappled by witnessing human sufferings due to natural disasters, congenital abnormalities, state driven human depravities like wars and genocides, question God’s mercy. They thus feel distanced from an unseen God who could extend them some console. Such people usually reverberate, why are good people found victimised to sufferings in the world? These are exact quotes of the modern-day Atheists. From this we learn very clearly that improper reasoning and frustration has become their main premise to dislodge faith in the most gracious God.

Primeval belief

Upon reasoning with agnostic people and since after satisfying some of their qualms I comprehend that they admit to house a partial belief in God saying that ‘there may be something out there bigger than us’ – another popular quote. This is further evidence that even with their strong mental decision to question God’s grace, so to say, ‘if God is real’, God’s elementary consciousness permeates their conscience, ruling out the necessity for any bright mind to construct belief. This subconscious belief is so obvious and instinctive that belief in God is but natural to us. This is exactly, the premise that God has prescribed to adjudicate humans with. Such agnostics soon conform to faith upon receiving answers that successfully resolve their paradoxes.

Uncompromising Egos

Among the Atheists there is people who construct a vague reflection that ‘if God were indeed real in accounting us after we are dead then we would gain things that are better from Him’. They say this irrationally even though truthful dissent wasn’t their premise to disbelieve in God. Because, they default on God’s generosity neglecting His retribution and His attribute of Justice to treat believers & disbelievers different. In insisting to be uncompromising over the few prohibitions as proscribed in God’s law they brave His wrath for merely being challenged to bend or submit their egos.

Excuse of an atheist from having a dialogue

Atheists, these days often back out from continuing a dialogue by poorly criticising produced rationale as unworthy arguments. One such example is the case of the Atheist Richard Dawkins Atheism. In its new style it finds itself more frustrating than ever to have a dialogue with the religious contenders. And ever since him others of his wing often sight this same excuse. Another anomaly that we find among Atheistic agenda is their presentation of this thought as if its basis is modern science. They identify themselves as a society of freethinkers who have been freed from the clutches of hegemonic Church that persecuted reason and science. Also, they get along in diluting the primal Creator of the cosmos as a derivative of a weak human mind. Narrating, that humans in the wilderness needed hope to survive the hostile planet, as a result they claim that the thought of someone looking after us appealed and subsequently happened to just evolve in our conscience as God. So they say that the omnipotent God, is just one in a gamut of numerous other spurious gods that build the space of theology. Yet, they restlessly seek after the prime Cause that catapulted this universe, it’s space, matter & time while continuing to fervently refuse to rephrase this very word Cause to God. Some that do acknowledge this, extend their interest in declaring this God as no more than some mathematical constants and hastily conclude that religion is man-made. If they had said newer generations perceive more modern interpretations of religious text it would make a sensible observation of why people conflict in religion or otherwise.

What is enlightenment for an Atheist?

Quran 18.36-38 وما اظن الساعة قائمة ولئن رددت الى ربي لاجدن خيرا منها منقلبا قال له صاحبه وهو يحاوره اكفرت بالذي خلقك من تراب ثم من نطفة ثم سواك رجلا لكنا هو الله ربي ولا اشرك بربي احدا -And I do not think the time for Judgement will ever come to pass; in case I’m turned to my Lord, I shall secure much better than what I have as a gracious return. Said to him his companion while conversing ‘do you disbelieve in Him who created you from sand then from a singled out sperm then proportioned you into a man. But for me He is Allah my Lord and never will I erect anything as a god with my Lord-. This verse rehearses a story which, the final Prophet – Muhammad was informed of; that the idea of being an agnostic has always existed in our history. The story above mentions the one who prided in his surplus and had no courtesy of thanks giving to Almighty God who had blessed him in abundance. This man when he enters his garden in arrogance forgetting his temporary state, he mutters what the present day Atheist flouts “if in case God resurrects me, I will find a better bounty with him”. God has thus frozen this argument in the Quran and has shown us the unfortunate situation in which the Atheists continue to grapple in their struggle to find solace with their theories. Even now Atheist gurus similarly notion in their arguments failing to smear progress to it in the light of modern enlightenment. Ever, straying away from realising the existence of God through intellectual reasoning, now Atheism has inched on to making peace possible with oneself as a final moratorium before departing this life.


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  • May 7, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    The belief of an atheist can be summarized in the following words spoken by the 10th century Philosopher Al-Ghazali in his book “The Alchemy of Happiness”: – There are some who, failing to find God by observation, conclude that there is no God and that this world of wonders made itself, or existed from everlasting. They are like a man who, seeing a beautifully written letter, should suppose that it had written itself without a writer, or had always existed. People in this state of mind are so far gone in error that it is of little use to argue with them”.

    In my opinion, it is a mistake to associate Atheism as a product of modern science or this modern civilization. Atheists have always been there and they will always be here. Take Socrates as an example who lived in 400 BC was one of the greatest Atheistic philosophers.

    From our perspective as believers in God we believe that they (atheists) are all part of God’s creation. One of the things the great Persian poet Hafez says is if you imagine the people of the world as guests of God and this world to be a banquet whom he invited into, how would you treat them, even the rude ones?

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