Clarifying Verses of war & violence in Quran, Islam

Clarifying Verses of war and violence in Quran, Islam-

Islam is a peaceful religion, you got to believe me. The least you could do is to disbelieve in those who allege Islam as violent until you have managed to discover it by yourself by verifying it in the Quran. The laws of Islam are universal, humane laws that are practical to people at all times. Islam does not condone unjust war or any violence. They lie who say that Islam spreads hate. It is they who spread violence and hate unawares.

Prophet Muhammad like Jesus blessings of God be on them is not a warlord but a statute of mercy unto mankind. The religion that educates humans to refuse the worship of all man made objects, gods, heroes & so called ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’ of God. But commands humans to worship the One Creator God without any association of a partner (demi) god with Him. This God is a friend of humans and He is asking us not to spread hate and violence over each other. It is Satan (Shaitaun) that incites the sons of Adam to fight over each other, He informs. The following verses of Quran are the most popularly cherry picked verses by the seekers of hate and mischief who allege that these are verses of war, violence  & terrorism. They allege that these verses command the Muslims to kill disbelievers. We have tried to explained each one of them here in good detail and have clarified that these are the noble verses of God advocating Peace & Justice. These are not the verses of war but verses with pouring wisdom for the guidance of Humankind and the Book itself is an ultimate source of inspiration towards righteousness.

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Islam is the solution for world peace. These articles refute all unjust war & violence levelled on Islam. Our refutation of each of these allegations over the noble verses facilitate an opportunity to develop better understanding that amounts to possible solutions for world peace. Our advice to all users is as follows, my dear brothers and sisters of the greater world kindly, strive to live a life of truth. There is no harm in letting your life be driven by logic, intellectual reasoning and pragmatism as these are the essential tools that help us to reach truth & civility. But there is a greater harm in letting your life be driven by ego, passions, dogmatic views and false stereotypes. I am not asking you to become Islamic next day. But I will certainly ask you to change your opinion upon growing your familiarity with truth and facts. We hope after reading our posts as made available above you’ll find out that in Islam God won’t love a people who start wars and those who incite violence & hate. And that God recommends civil societies to deal tough with criminals upon clearly establishing evidence for their crimes and many other essential ethics dealing with this subject. You’re most welcome to post your criticism. In case if you find our presentation sensible and useful, we invite you to contribute further to this category by writing meaningful posts.