British Prime Minister, Theresa May dismisses white peoples fears on Islam

British Prime Minister, Theresa May in her early days into the chair was found quoting Quranic verse 49.13 –O mankind, indeed We have created you from a male and female and made of you nations and tribes that you may know each another-. 

Quoting further, that Islam dose not compel religion on people but awards a very clear choice, she smashed centuries old myths prevalent in western societies. This has come from her only after a few weeks of the reporting by Sir John Chilcot on Iraq Inquiry also called as Chilcot report, laying bare the incompetence of Bush, Blair and Howard. 

We can never forget those war crimes & subsequent confessions by the USA military personnel; added to that the infamous Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo Bay prison abuse & torture. This has laid bare the 21st century barbarism sponsored by the state inciting further rampage within the Arab feudal crowds that has crumbled civilian life. In those battles that the messenger of God, Muhammad peace & blessings of God on him fought, many a prisoners of war who were released converted to Islam merely on the basis of honourable treatment they had received at the hands of the Prophet Muhammad. Can we persecute a people forever?

Gross errors by unworthy leaders has led to the utter destruction of several nations and has heightened the security situation in the entire world. One among several of the hypocritical political moves aided by the world media is in deliberating vandalism against Islam, which cannot be merely uprooted by the such power filled statements occasionally coming from high offices and a select few. But a constant drive to educate masses must be undertaken by the Muslim community themselves, at least until the rest of the world shed their prejudice and open up their hearts for Islam. The Media and orientalists have stunned enough damaged to the name of Islam and have recklessly tried to associate it with slaughter, beheading and barbarism. My clarification for few of them are presented here:

Quran 2:191

Quran 3:28

Quran 3:85

Quran 8:60

Quran 9:29

Quran 9:123

Quran 47:4

And my personal thanks to the British Prime Minister, Theresa May for her bold acknowledgement of Islam as a religion of peace.