Problem of Evil solved before Religion and God

We will begin asking how come a God under His prowess did allow evil to manifest? or how apologetically would anyone attempt to reconcile the coexistence of God and evil. Since middle ages, the ensuing theories by theists in favor of the omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent God’s plausibility in the face of the evidential evil are clubbed under compilations known as ‘Theodicy’. Atheists have deemed these theories as unworthy defenses to logical arguments of the form modus Tollens and have since attained some leeway in professing theists as merely apologetic towards the paradox of problem of evil. In this pretext the problem of evil is driven to disqualify God by reflecting that God cannot exist because there is evil which does necessarily rule out His existence in their argument. In my opinion the problem of evil is theorized to refer to God condescendingly. In man’s anciently thought & carved philosophy of religion which now on documentation has ticked over 2500 years is a sort of philosophy which is concocted in downright ignorance from the knowledge of what God explains as truth in His revealed messages.
So then is it fair that man hijacks God’s understanding by capsuling Him in his own whims?

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