Explanation of Quran 4:34 Wife beating in Islam

Do Muslims stand for wife-beating?

A one sentence answer is: It is an Islamophobic narrative. The actual problem of Domestic Violence is not a Muslim-issue at all. Interestingly, it is a Western issue. Domestic violence in Australia kills 1 women a week thru the year and in the USA it is at the rate of 3 killed each day. It is as we can see a plague within Western societies. The media has been very successful to make it sound like it is a Muslim-issue. It is appalling that some Muslim organisation fall prey and feel obliged to explain this by quoting 6th century expose of using a Siwak (natural toothbrush) implying mere symbolism. When Quran uses the term to beat, it means beating. Period. Of course not to the point of inflicting harm. But, perhaps to show full-dislike in any matter in this context.

The media and the political fringe who unnecessarily drag this issue as only a Muslim-concern deserve rebuke. For not having honestly highlighted the plight of Western women who grimly face bashing and in many cases death before their partners or ex-partners. Domestic violence isn’t a Muslim issue at all. Wake-up! It is not because Muslims believe whatever or mistreat their women Westerners are found to follow suit. The idea rather communicated in the Western media about progressive society is a false claim! It sounds as if women in Western societies are never abused: but, the statistics reveal quite damaging figures. Which is sufficient to completely undermine what gets stated as popular rhetoric in the media and in various forums, just to feel good.

Domestic Violence Stats-

Australia: Read stats here.

United States of America: Shown.

Domestic Violence Stats-USA

Domestic violence is a societal problem in many countries. But in the Muslim world, it is divinely ordained and justified by the Quran, claims Wwikiislam. Islamophobia of this nature to tarnish and vandalise Quran has been an old strategy. But the evidential findings of human behavior are enough to scrap those files. Why did God in Quran order wife-beating while the Western’s suffer the same syndrome without divine ordinance?

The scenario in the USA is the worst as we can see about 3 deaths per day, which is already extreme! This is clearly a sad state of affairs for Women in the “civilised” Western world. Yet much ill-informed are quick to pass judgment on Islam. It is conceivable that Muslims like any other people on earth can be involved in domestic violence; but to kill partners is a different ball altogether, of what I know a Muslim wouldn’t like to game. The overwhelming majority of Muslims honour and respect their wives and of course, would feel and like to be in control as the head of the house. Let us find out, how Quran exhorts a Muslim man to treat his wife.

Background and Context

Domestic violence against women can be explained by the raw manly rage against them for their weaker physical make. Instead of protecting the weaker gender we try to compare apples and oranges on this issue. And falsely accuse Islam of giving unequal recognition to women as opposed to men. Since ancient times women have suffered, societies have been patriarchal and they continue to be even today. Sadly, feminist language hasn’t aided women’s predicament.

When it comes to mistreating women. Westerner’s are in the forefront: racing crimes against them. Women are peer-pressured to remain attractive or they risk being dumped! The surge in plastic surgeries for the beauty of the bosoms and bums speak loud. Undoubtedly 14 centuries ago women in Arabia endeared subjective mistreatment: burying the female children alive was the then equivalent of today’s female infanticide. By God’s grace, since Islam female rights in Arabia were elevated. Merits of women are many in Islam and their rights argued by God Himself. God has clearly warned Muslims of the grave punishments awaiting for mistreating or oppressing the feminine gender. It is unfortunate that Saudis today do not make a representative body of Islam.

Explanation of Quran 4.34

Quran 4:34 Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them, guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

Rendering meaning- O’ women bear in mind that I have given the man the charge over you by awarding them greater strength and have admonished them to spend their earnings on your necessities. So, therefore, be good to them by devoting obedience and guard yourselves for them in loyalty. In case if you become unmanageable; I but, have to legitimise their stronger approach against you. But, still I’m your procurator: in that, I recommend them to resort to admonish you before anything of their strength does any harm unto you. Then O’ men if you find them in continued arrogance do forsake their beds during nights such that they may perhaps become humble before any of your might could inflict any harm unto them.

God in Quran intervenes into human-affairs by ways that are agreeable to us

God in his immense wisdom intercepts into human affairs by ways that are agreeable to humans. Otherwise, humans would just be uncommitted to follow God. Of the many family matters concerning individual attitudes, even governments find it most difficult and impossible to regulate personal affairs. Concerning how one must behave inside their chambers is never for any law to interfere. Yet, God from a far-off position has managed to counsel believing families as to-how individuals must treat each other. Quranic teachings are for a range of believers and various social cultures. Gentlemen do not abuse women in any circumstances. Even if it be to divorce them for arrogance they would do it setting a commendable example. But, what of those who are rogue? Westerner’s aren’t in any better position to help protect women. One can only appeal and institute best education. Believe me, this is the limit! Wisely, God has introduced safety protocols tailored to protect women. By bringing the manly rage into God’s direct control. His divine directives like Quran 4:34 exist to achieve this very purpose! Instructing us to either obey or be susceptible to sin for disobeying. Naturally, disobedience amounts to severe accountability in the afterlife and can lead to Hell. Clearly, therefore this verse stages God as the procurator, aiding women to safety from the brutality of man.

Are there alternatives?

While men are known to beat their wives/partners. Can it be avoided? What do you suggest God or any recommended agency to help avoid abuse of women? Should God or the agency sever man’s physical abilities for beating his wife? Or, do you reason better alternatives, O’ men of knowledge- Reflect! Wisely, God has intercepted: as you can read in Quran 4:34. Convincingly, averting the chances of men apprehending their partners in fury.

Wife-beating for some is only to fix breaking relationships

Per Quran man is so tied that it is incumbent on him to resort to consulting and avoiding sharing beds with his wife/partner before any attempts to beat. This means there is time to reflect upon the conflict that is entailing between them. Both parties who remain upset with each other, get time to reflect on it during those nights. This implies that in civilised societies it can be drafted to be brought to the notice of the law. So that in case a man ends up to beat; to explain his clear position: he could be exempted penalty unless otherwise if harm is inflicted. In violation to what is proposed and taught by God to be observed men can be charged by law-enforcement for trespassing protection against God’s subjects in a matter explained.

Beating is understood to be brief. It is similar to how the law allows beating children. Bruise-less beating is only the expression of a clear disregard. Beating can never be condoned to inflict harm. If by beating: a woman suffers damage of what gets decided to be accountable for- Shariah (Islamic law) would necessitate women seek equal rebate against the offender. Which in any known Western governments are not drafted. Period. If women suffer, they really suffer and governments have nothing to help women avenge her offender.

But God informs: If women do agree to be manageable do not pursue against them any annoyance- God is Exalted and Grand for their aid.

Equality in Quran

Quran 4:19 O believing people, you are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should you treat them with harshness… on the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If you take a dislike to them it may be that you dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good.

Prophet Muhammad’s narrations, blessings on him
  • The best of you are those who are the best to their wives, and I am the best of you to my wives.
  • Fear God with regards to women, for you have taken them as a trust from God and intimacy with them has become permissible to you by the words of God.

In Islam, God does not introduce wife-beating. But Quran is perchance found regulating the manly rage against her. Clearly advocating care and subtle safety protocols in her favour. Perhaps Quranic injunctions can aid a great deal of safety for wives in Western societies. You only have to become free from prejudice and the advice offered in Quran becomes obvious and relevant. The statement that Quran condemns women is a myth. Where in fact it protects and safeguards them; like does, no other governance. Women rights in Islam are of such high set-standard that many legislation even today fail to give them, their true dignity.

A Question?

I would be completely shocked and hurt if my husband tried to discipline me. I am happy to submit to him but he has never used his position to be lord over me. A husband truly loving his wife the way Christ loved the church would be willing to die for her. The Bible doesn’t ask husbands to discipline wives. Parents, though, are asked to discipline children. And all are asked to submit to the discipline of God.

Why is it permitted in Quran to beat wives?


Quran 2:187 … They (Wives) are garment for you and you are garment for them… .

I reckon you are having difficulty understanding Islamic guidance. The question is not if wives like yourself are submitting to their husbands. Disciplining compatible wives; of course, will have to send shock waves, it is understood as being rude to good wives. The question is if the wife refuses to be compatible. Per western statistics, wives are not only disciplined but killed! Isn’t that shocking? What is your teaching in this regard? What do you propose as part of the action plan, if husbands claim to discipline their Rouge wives (alleging)? Isn’t Quranic guidance obvious to you yet? If you still have difficulty understanding, I will be happy to explain the point further.

  • Who must be responsible for the many killings of rouge (if at all they were, but only as alleged by men) but innocent women in relationships?
  • Who is responsible for the Domestic violence that happens in Christian homes?
  • Who is responsible for disagreements between spouses and disputes leading to divorces?

Another Question?

May I ask what is the legal age for marrying according to Islamic law?


There is no legal age to marry per Islamic law! Nature dictates most natural laws. Puberty drives intimacy and people tended to marry at that age or soon after in the history of humanity. Even today, not just in Indian culture but even in western culture. Are you aware of child pregnancy in Australia and in America also in Britain and Scandinavian countries? In fact, most of the world just behaves the same. It was Quran that said do not submit women into marriage, but it must be their choice 14-centuries ago. One needs to just fight bias to see the points Quran is making.

We believe, that God’s guidance highlights real-time problems facing mankind and imparts valuable ordinances to mitigate through these plaguing problems.

  • Who is responsible for the countless misuse of adult sexuality and child sexual abuse within the Catholic church?

There are many wrong things understood and said about Islam and Prophet Muhammad by Muslims and Non-Muslims, just like many wrong things were spoken of Christ. If you need to understand Islam there is no other way than through Quran. People are people! Mere lip-beliefs does not save or lead people to salvation. Submission before the ordinances of God will demonstrate truth worthiness of people’s beliefs. If people abided by the fear of God Almighty and abstained from illegal sexual excitations in the Churches, they could be proving their faith. But! This again proves that mere lip-services do not yield results!

As Muslims, we do not intend to criticise how many of the Christian people in the Churches and among the Monarchs had child brides in Europe. Or how rampant it was a trade to sell their wives as slaves in Christian Europe. Women lacked all basic sanities. The right to vote, right to inherit, right to an opinion, right to trade etc. They were clearly unequal, inferior and likened to be slaves and a property worth inheriting. As Muslims, we are taught in the Quran the wisdom and knowledge. From where we learn peoples, cultures, traditions, and psychology. Where we learn the need to gradually change people’s preferences by introducing faith in God and his ordinances. And not become a burden upon any society by demolishing their traditions and cultures straight way.

It is unfortunate today that a British colony such as Saudi Arabia is pointed to as the beacon of Islam. And while Muslims are misled at the point of a gun by the stooges imposed upon the Muslim populace. Colonial Middle-East still remains Colonial! British still does largest arms trade with Saudi-Arabia! Largest to empower Monarchy negating Democracy. Again only lip-service! Where does this end? If you are seeking the truth, find an argument against Quran. I am glad if arguments come Quran’s way than on how Muslim people are misbehaving. I always try to argue faith as found in the Scripture and not by how people have misbehaved with it. At least I try to.
Domestic Violence USA | Domestic Violence Australia | Oppression of Women in Islam

  • muhammad mansoor

    Following are FEW of the rights which Muslim women have!

    1. The RIGHT and duty to acquire education.

    2. The RIGHT to have her own independent property.

    3. The RIGHT to work [job or business] to earn money, which she keeps it.

    4. The RIGHT to equal reward for equal deed and/or work.

    5. The RIGHT to express her opinion.

    6. The RIGHT to argue and/or advocate her cause or opinion to be heard.

    7. The RIGHT to vote since 1,421 years.

    8. The RIGHT to provisions from her husband for all her needs and more.

    9. The RIGHT to negotiate marriage terms of her choice.

    10.The RIGHT to obtain divorce from her husband, even on the grounds that she simply don’t like him. In Islam divorce is suppose to be last resort.

    11.The RIGHT to keep all her own money. [She is not responsible for maintenance of family].

    12.The RIGHT to get sexual satisfaction from her husband.

    13.The RIGHT to get custody of her children in case of divorce [unless she is unable to raise them for valid reasons]

    14.The RIGHT to choose husband of her choice.

    15.The RIGHT to refuse a proposed and/or arranged marriage.

    16. The RIGHT to re-marry after divorce or after becoming widow.

    17. Islamic laws does not requires that women should confine themselves to household duties.

    18. Women are EXEMPT FROM taking part in the army, although they are not forbidden to do so under certain circumstances.

    Under normal circumstances they are allowed to do all the things that men do.

    Name any other religion, political theory, or philosophy which offers such a comprehensiveness to women by giving her total control of her life and affairs ??? NONE

    Post Courtesy -http://www.answering-christianity.com/womensrights.htm

  • muhammad mansoor

    I have the following short write up to address the concerns of Women rights in Islam raised in one of the comments in facebook. The comment in particular refers to an infamous anti-Islamic website that cherry picked verses from Quran making false allegations of Women mistreatment against it. I have addressed each of those verses below. To know about Islam please ask the Muslims and to know about Muslim women, ask the Muslim Women!

    If you are really serious about knowing women rights in Islam you can refer to this. It is from Muslim Women.

    Quran 4:3 – Please see an article written by a Woman herself on the matter of Polygamy which I had published few years back

    Quran 53:27 – I will expose these people in a moment. Please open the same web page which you referred and check what is written regarding Quran 53:27. They say According to Islam “Angels are sublime beings and would therefore be Male”. This is funny because in Islam Angels are neither Male nor Female! In fact in Quran, Allah challenges us if we have seen him create an Angel and if this was how we got to know about the gender of Angels. It is the Christians who think that Angels are male and the Pagans who think they are female. But Allah, the Creator informs us that they are far superior beings who are neither male nor female. They are beings who neither age nor die and therefore are not in need of maintaining their race through reproductive characteristics.

    The particular reference to females in the verse is because Quran was revealed in Mecca which was the hub of Paganism and Idolatry where people had kept fancy female names to these noble beings.

    Quran 2:223 & 2:228 – This article explains in detail these two verses.

    Quran 24:31 – asks Women to lower their gaze. -it is funny that the article admits that even Men are commanded to lower their gaze but still insists that “this is degrading to Women”. By the way the verse where Men are commanded to lower the immediate previous verse i.e 24:30

    Quran 4:11 and 4:176 please see this article which I had published few years back on this.

    Quran 4:3 & Quran 33:50 – Please read if you have time or take my word that this whole approach is wrong. Islam is a noble religion. It says worship One God who has neither parents, nor Children and who cannot be depicted by an idol or a Photo. He says that he has made this life as a test and for those who believe and do good their is Paradise. Please try to know more about Prophet Muhammad and ask the Muslims or Me.

    Islam means Peace in Arabic. We say “Assalamualikum” when we greet each other meaning “May Peace and blessings of God be on you”. Now look at the name of the website which you referred – “theReligionOfPeace” and it spews venom at people who intend peace! It is designed to trap gullible people by paid missionaries. I hope you look at this without bias and please read the following section which points out the true rights of Women in Islam keeping in mind to check if the same is being given in whichever faith you follow.

  • muhammad mansoor

    Islam protects the rights of Women, If only the Women knew!