Peoples progress by Shurah & Islam in Western countries

Westerner’s are more Islam compliant already-

With the rise of Quranic education among many thinking Muslims, they conveniently conceive through observations: over human services, enrichment and intellectual growth, that ‘Westerner’s’ are more Islam compliant already than any Muslim majority nations in the world under ‘Shariah (Islamic teachings and law)’ assessments. As such Islam in Western countries hasn’t hit any heights due to the impaired ability of its followers to exhort to mutual consultations within.

Muslims in the west with their lingering to irrational traditions, even in the vicinity of its more clearer contradictions with the Quran & with the methodology of governance’s adopted by their early Khalifas (Caliphs), fail to deliver rational thought in the public spheres of their domicile. Nevertheless, due to their inability to check on these warping mindsets against the pragmatism that Islam has to offer, they continue to lag. On the other hand non Muslim transition towards progressive societies began when people thoughtfully and persistently questioned the patriarchal priestly authority. Who were then increasingly responsible in stagnating intellectual reforms that were necessary to model societies towards newer horizons of scientific research,  social reforms needed to purge discrimination and other associated challenges. Since the healing cures of Jesus peace and blessings of God be on him a realm of confidant medical research to protect and nourish human life from the extremities of severe illnesses deepened its roots. God is ever appreciative of our achievements today in the field of medicine to rescue life when it is given to the rare kinds of diseases that threaten the very species. Contrasting to Jesus’s teachings and practices of cure, claimants to his fellowship unwisely interpret his teachings to the extent of debilitating essential techniques such as life saving blood transfusions as unlawful in religious doctrine. Imagine how this abstract idea contradicting the valuable guidance of Jesus is promoted into liveable norms garbed falsely to appease God? Can there be a more clearer conflict in religious dogmas when people misguidedly see God’s approval in constructing them while God has clarified by miracles to cherish and save life?

Democratic civil discourses known as Shurah (mutual consultations), is the essence of the Quranic teachings ordained for Mankind. Westerners, define their successes by these principles, although Islam in Western countries did not partake in bricking it. Governments and educational institutions build and shape nations. When, since the collapse of the Ottoman empire Muslim countries were surged with a stoking gap to reconstruct. Then they were grudgingly exploited by the fringing bands of pseudo scholars who were repressive at the rise of every able governance in self esteem, a classic finger print of the earlier peoples who differed with Jesus at his annunciation although they suffered Roman persecution. Because of such inherent disagreements and intolerances in principles of religious administration and its rulings, Muslims suffered similar to Christians and Jews of the earlier times. The scholarship’s dissent always posed a tremendous burden in similar parity to the priesthood of the Church upon its faithful elements of the civil state. A plausible outcome to such a judgemental barrage on governments and dissenting public has always aided power mongering and populist elements to assume governance. Due to these very conflicting doctrinal differences the dilution of Ottomon Caliphate paved way to the opportunists of that time to assume control over the jurisdiction of civilians who later transpired into dictatorial regimes. And these oppressive regimes have contemporarily  relied on the use of deceit to curb the spirit of justice mainly due to misguided scholarship’s agreeing to the use of religion as an instrument of state control. Many countries to few exceptions that profess Islam and are called Islamic are unjust, corrupt, and underdeveloped failing to embrace the values of Quran in politics, business, law and society.

Islam in Western countries or otherwise at home has suffered due to its practice bearer’s abject dissolution from representation into the elected forms of government. As such the elected bodies who remain confounded to usher justice due to their unmeritorious state of election and by their aversion to practice truthfulness & justice, they have stagnated societies into corruption and lead them away from intellectual growth. And with their strategies to stoke member generations to remain at bay from the wise teachings of God, all of this has cumulatively led to this intellectual disconnect between humanities and God in the Muslim world. Deriving lessons from the former peoples progress who were similarly awarded God’s guidance, the priesthood in Christianity when separately run from the state of human affairs, transpired merely into an invention in the face of God’s meant recommendations for Mankind. Traditionally, public affairs have always separated out from the religion based governing to secular state of affairs (liberating from religious administration), which has always stemmed the beginning of disconnect with Almighty God. But, then on the Westerner’s mainly through secular education did progress to slowly eliminate the repressive sectarian religious mindset from within the civilian affairs and replaced it by the more talented, articulate and impressive structures of social organisations and unions. Sadly, the sectarian priestly community were left to only extend forgiveness in the aspect of individuals sinning against God, this has again turned them into demi gods as the Sovereign God sighted another violation on their part. Quran 42.38 والذين استجابوا لربهم واقاموا الصلاة وامرهم شورى بينهم ومما رزقناهم ينفقون -And those of you who respond to their Lord, dutifully observing prayers and their social affairs are determined by mutual consultation, such also benefit [others] from what we have provided them with-. The Quranic concept of democratic civil discourses known as ‘Shurah (mutual consultations)’ is emphatically appreciative of a multi cultural conglomerate, clearly accommodating dissenting religious beliefs and expressly sensitive to peoples preferences but contextually non-secular in nature. An entire chapter is enshrined in it exhorting people to equity, mutual consultation and appraisal. After such a dawn and an exemplary life style of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of God be on him and his meritorious legacy known as ‘Sunnah (ways to practice the Quran)’, a sequentially repressive monarch’s institution couldn’t remotely conspire to any stretch of a Muslim’s mind.

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