Explanation of Quran 60:8 Peaceful coexistence in Islam

Muslims have since old literally upheld to this verse acting in obedience to it and exampled by the rich traditions of Prophet Muhammad blessing on him followed by the elected Caliphs in the representative form of democracy of Islam. Coexistence of People of the book (Jews & Christians) who were at liberty to judicial their respective state affairs within for themselves was unprecedented, which led to the thriving of Jews in specific and all other religious minorities under the guardianship of Islam.

Explanation of Quran 47:4- what are wars in Islamic perspective

Contrary to the claims of Islamophobes, Islam is a Peaceful religion for many sensible non Muslims. Islamophobes raise the curtains on misinterpretation of Islam by pointing to pseudo Scholars, Jehadis and circulating few footages of beheadings by Muslims due to vested vengence in social media building up fear against the religion of Islam. A mind which is afraid to investigate fails to see the truth. Jihad in Islam stands for struggle to achieve Peace and Quran verse 47:4 is an example of what ethical warfare is. This article covers context of Quran 47:4, what is the Best way for a soldier to Kill, instruction for generous treatment of prisoners of war, their release and the search for a true ending to a war.

Explanation of Quran 4:34 Wife beating in Islam

Domestic violence is a societal problem in many countries. But in the Muslim world it is divinely ordained and justified by the Quran, claims wikiislam. Islamophobia of this nature to tarnish and vandalise Quran has been an old strategy. But the evidential findings of human behaviour are enough to scrap those files. Why did God in Quran order wife-beating while the Western’s suffer the same syndrome without divine ordinance?

Clarifying Verses of war & violence in Quran, Islam

Islam is a peaceful religion, believe me. The least you could do before you could verify by reading the Quran yourself, is disbelieve in those who say Islam is violent. The laws of Islam are universal humane laws that are practical to people at all times. Islam does not condone unjust war or any violence. They lie who say that Islam spreads hate. It is they who spread violence and hate. And Prophet Muhammad like Jesus blessings of God be on them is not a warlord but a mercy unto mankind. The religion that educates humans to refuse the worship of all man made objects, gods, heroes & so called ‘Sons’ and ‘Daughters’ of God.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May dismisses white peoples fears on Islam

British Prime Minister, Theresa May quoted 49:13 ‘O mankind, indeed We have created you from a male and female and made of you nations and tribes that you may know each another’. She further smashed centuries old myths prevalent in western societies saying that Islam dose not compel religion on people but awards a very clear choice. This has come from her only after a few weeks of the reporting by Sir John Chilcot on Iraq Inquiry also called as Chilcot report, laying bare the incompetence of Bush, Blair and Howard which has led to the utter destruction of a nation and has undoubtedly heightened the security situation in the entire world.