Slavery and Islam

Because of Sam Harris’s literacy of an extreme context which he identifying to a culture, he sees, he comes to declare: these hard-fought feats were outcomes of secular achievement of the scientific world. In fact, to his surprise which were uprisings due to the civil rights movements first fought by the blacks themselves (I don’t know if it is correct to call it a secular-scientific movement). Sam then caricatures generalizations of this context upon religions of the world, especially Islam to strike Prophet Muhammad- a model example of humanity.

Guardians of the Holy Masjids and the Muslim-world

But accordingly, on a program called the Jewish voice on God-TV. Data aired few years prior to the culmination of rebellion in Syria foretold dire happenings to come. It revealed that the Zionists aimed to reduce the Arabs to infighting in eventual hopes to realise the Biblical view of a greater-Israel. That would extend beyond Syrian territories well into Iraq and up to the river Euphrates. Thus, the Saudi royal’s controlled religious machinery seated in Madinah have acted in sincerity to this agenda generating the cause of Jihad in the Muslim world to fight the fellow Muslims. If Saddam .H was at cross-roads that permitted them to aid the USA-led coalition for invasion for black gold more than any humanitarian liberation so did every other neighbouring Kingdom that dissented has come under attack. B. Al-Asad in Syria didn’t deserve rebellion any less than the Royal Kingdom in Saudi that is due to deserve. But for the folly of the Muslim world led by Salafis and puritans the Muslim life continues to limbo under stake. Sunni Arabs are only marshalled to infighting and fighting the Shias perhaps merely for a puritanical Salafi view.

Is God a blood thirsty figure?

The neo science admirer’s floated a view in the modern world over religions and across cultures in order to meticulously estrange people from faith. The once reliance on an ever merciful God into disbelief, from now the rather discourteous God that won’t just save people their sufferings. Among the attributions of barbarism, pillage and anti humane values the Judo Christian holy crimes involving innocent lives questioned their holy sanctity and rendered its undertakings as sacrilegious. In recent times the armed conflict involving Buddhists driving scores of refugees into Asia pacific and Australia drags them into limelight too. With their spree the neo science ‘ers began originally with the old Jewish doctrine…

British Prime Minister, Theresa May dismisses white peoples fears on Islam

British Prime Minister, Theresa May quoted 49:13 ‘O mankind, indeed We have created you from a male and female and made of you nations and tribes that you may know each another’. She further smashed centuries old myths prevalent in western societies saying that Islam dose not compel religion on people but awards a very clear choice. This has come from her only after a few weeks of the reporting by Sir John Chilcot on Iraq Inquiry also called as Chilcot report, laying bare the incompetence of Bush, Blair and Howard which has led to the utter destruction of a nation and has undoubtedly heightened the security situation in the entire world.