can you only blame Climate-change?

What does it take for God to drive severe climate- A clear violation of His laws. Which is very complex, but needs to be studied and understood to avoid similar fates of former people. Then, as they stand violated God issues a command and the climate begins to form to overwhelm the target. In case of Thamud it took 3 days to arrange the means and as enormous clouds overshadowed them. Then from the midst of this gloom a thunderbolt jolted them arresting their lives and sparing none of those who transgressed.

can you only blame Climate-change?

For ‘Aad the weather had turned severely violent. If we were to experience that today in any of the regions on Earth, we will be sure to attribute its severity to Global Warming and greenhouse effect. But nothing of it was the subject of their discussions. They saw it trailing in the sky as the clouds that will profit them but alas! God best describes the stealth despite their abilities to weather forecast. Even to this day with the state of the art, modern technology we are often frustrated by our inconsistent weather predictions as we are surprised almost every often.

can you only blame Climate-change

But, the premise that 1°C rise in global temperature is solely responsible for violent weather is questionable. Storms and other inflictions are from God. God would still send it our way despite temperatures plummeting to historic global normal.

can you only blame Climate-change?

The severe storms that we are getting to witness aren’t just the tail-end of a deformed-climate model. If it was so perhaps high-energy Earthquakes hadn’t followed suit in similar exhibition, as it stands clearly explainable that these two sources of energy dissipation are miles unallied.

The Secret of surprise hail-storms in SA, Australia

“It is not about stopping the boats or deterring people smugglers but it is about bringing to end the excruciating state crimes against a people that is causing large scale displacements.” Don’t they learn from the Atheist (strong ones), as they maintain silent attitude over issues concerning human depravity in case they are choosing not be altruistic or as they don’t stand out for their advocacy: Pauline could keep quiet similarly. Faith isn’t merely via advancing lip service. It won’t be praised by Almighty God. It is expected out of us to bring forth good and conduct rightly-with concerning others. The fact is mostly Australians don’t even believe in karma, scientifically advanced materialism has superseded the belief system by-far in greater measures…