Asking (evolutionary) Atheists & Biologists?

Question 1- In biological mutations how did some species evolve with inter-dependency and some with in-dependency concerning nourishment of their offspring post-natal period?

Question 2- How did their instincts even align to observe the change of offspring needing nourishment? In other words how capable are random genetic mutations aided by natural selection to induce responsibilities to wean & care toward offspring?

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can you only blame Climate-change?

What does it take for God to drive severe climate- A clear violation of His laws. Which is very complex, but needs to be studied and understood to avoid similar fates of former people. Then, as they stand violated God issues a command and the climate begins to form to overwhelm the target. In case of Thamud it took 3 days to arrange the means and as enormous clouds overshadowed them. Then from the midst of this gloom a thunderbolt jolted them arresting their lives and sparing none of those who transgressed.

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