How is it a person’s fault if he or she was born non-Muslim?

Is It their Fault that they were Born as Non-Muslims? Why should he or she enter Hell fire?

-By Fadel Soliman

Question – It seems unfair to me that people who were born non-Muslim will go to Hell fire on the day of judgement, while I will go to paradise just for being born Muslim, they didn’t get the same chance that I got.

Answer – Some Muslims think to themselves “I was born as a Muslim; therefore I’m lucky and I will enter paradise. But what about those who were born to non-Muslim parents? Is it their fault?” If you find yourself thinking along these lines, then you lack understanding regarding yourself as a Muslim,  regarding non-Muslims, and regarding God as well.

Most religions teach if people merely believe they will enter paradise, but NOT ISLAM.

First of all, regarding yourself as a Muslim: who says that just because you are a Muslim you’ll automatically enter paradise? It is true that most religions teach people that if they merely believe, they will enter paradise, and by that, they will attain salvation in the hereafter. Islam, on the other hand, considers faith to be essential, but not sufficient by itself. So, one can be a Muslim; believing that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger, and still enter Hell-fire. That is because salvation, in Islam, is like a bird that flies with two wings: one is faith and the other is good deeds. The expression: “Those who believe and do righteous deeds” is mentioned multiple times in the Quran. The two are always associated with each other.

Yes, ultimately, after fair retribution, Muslims will eventually enter paradise, but can one simply rely on that notion? Do you know how long you might remain in Hell before finally being released; a thousand years? a million years?

Praying and fasting Muslims can also go to HELL

And by the way, when I look at the good deeds, I see that they reflect very positively on the society as a whole, not just on the person who takes the action, good deeds like prayers and fasting are never enough if a person transgresses against others, the Prophet told his companions: “Do you know who is the bankrupt? and they replied “a bankrupt is a person who has no money”, he said: “a bankrupt is a person who comes on the day of judgement with prayers and fasting days in his records but he also insulted and beat up people, so they take from his good deeds until he has no more good deeds in his records then their bad deeds are taken from their records and added to his own bad deeds, then he is thrown in hell”.

The second part of the question is: How is it a person’s fault if he or she was born non-Muslim? Why should he or she enter Hell fire? Amongst God’s names is “The Utterly Just”, and He says in the Quran: ‘And never would We punish until We sent a messenger.’ Quran 17:15

God DOES NOT PUNISH for something you do not know.

So, regarding those who have not received the message, and do not know about Islam, or those who have only heard a distorted version of Islam, you should not worry about them. Allah is just.

So all Muslims should rest assured that God Almighty is just and that He would never judge non-Muslims unjustly. They should rest assured that all non-Muslims will get a fair chance. Now, Muslims, on the other hand, should not get too comfortable with themselves, because they do not get another chance. They were born Muslims and therefore had access to the Quran and had the opportunity to learn about Islam. They have no excuse.

Question: I know that Muslims can pray for non-Muslims during their lifetime, but why can’t I ask God for forgiveness and mercy for non-Muslims after they have died?

Now we come to the next question: “I know that Muslims can pray for non-Muslims during their lifetime, but why can’t I ask God for forgiveness and mercy for non-Muslims after they have died?” God Almighty prohibited the Prophet (pbuh) himself from asking for forgiveness for his very own deceased uncle, Abu Talib — the man who raised him, defended him, and supported him in the face of the tribe of Quraish. The Quran says: ‘It is not for the Prophet and those who have believed to ask forgiveness for the polytheists, even if they were relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are companions of Hellfire.’ Quran 9:113

Praying for non Muslims while they are alive is permitted. Praying for them after their deaths is forbidden.

Now, suppose I have an enemy who mocks me or doesn’t even believe in my existence, or attributes qualities to me which are false — and he does this intentionally, out of spite. yet still I give him another chance, time and time again. When he’s finally in my presence, you tell me to forgive him, treat him well and be kind to him. This is extremely offensive to me. Do my feelings not matter at all? Does it not upset you that he transgressed me, insulted, and harmed me? And to Allah belongs the utmost example of perfection. Why should we intervene? He is now in the hands of God almighty. They are people who have refused to believe in Allah or have attributed lies to Him, and when they return to Him and are in His hands; when whatever they have done in life cannot be undone or changed,  do you still want to defend them and insist on asking Allah to forgive them? This is offensive to God Almighty. **

We have established that Muslims mustn’t worry about non-Muslims not getting fair judgment, because God is just. Everyone will get a fair chance. Those who did not receive the message in their lifetime will receive it before their time of judgement, and those who only received a distorted image of Islam will get a second chance. But asking God to forgive those who have insulted Him and transgressed over Him or attributed a partner to Him is something that would anger God immensely.

Does the world need another Messenger? No!

A young man from Colombia once came to my office and we had a conversation about Islam. He said to me, “I’ve read about and watched movies about Islam, and I really like it, except for one thing”, so I asked him what that one thing was. He asked, “Why do you close the door behind you? Why is Muhammad the final messenger? Do you not feel that, given all the problems in the world today, we need another messenger?” So, I replied, “No, the world does not need another “Messenger”. I happened to have a bottle of water on my desk, so I picked it up and told him, “This bottle went through several phases of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing company bought the plastic in powder form, heated it up, and shaped it into a bottle. And then they filtered water and poured it inside that bottle, then they sealed it and said, ‘This bottle has thoroughly completed its manufacturing process and is now ready for distribution. All we need are distributors.’”  God Almighty says in the Quran, ‘This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as your religion.’ Quran 5:3

Quran 5-3When Abu Bakr, who was the closest companion of the Prophet, heard this verse, he cried. When asked why he was crying, he replied, “This is the obituary of the Prophet (peace be upon him). This verse tells me that the Prophet’s death is imminent.” Why? Because Abu Bakr fully grasped the role of a messenger. He understood that Prophet Mohammad’s purpose on this earth had been fulfilled, and that the prophets themselves were the different phases of the development of this religion; different phases of manufacture. And the Prophet himself said that he was the last stone in the grand construction that is Islam. Once placed in that construction, it becomes complete. Islam became complete.


The world does not need a new Messenger. It needs only people who can spread the perfect message – the Quran.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “ The other Prophets and I can be likened to the case of a person who built a house and he completed it and made it perfect but for the space of a single brick. People entered therein and they were surprised at it and said: Had there been a brick there (it would have been complete in all respects). I am that place where the brick (completing the building is to be placed), and I have come to finalize the chain of Apostles.” [Sahih Muslim]

So this religion went through several phases of manufacturing, that is, the various prophets and their messages, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) being the final messenger. That process has been thoroughly completed. Now, the world is no longer in need of further messengers, but rather, it is in need of people who can preach and propagate the message that has been revealed in order that others may become aware of it; the message of justice, peace, and submission to Allah.

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  • Linie Aquavit

    Question, for those born not knowing about Islam and Allah, you state they are automatically given a “make up exam” of sorts to be allowed not to go to hell. Doesn’t it seem easier to just let that happen and not try to spread the word? It would certainly guarantee more people the ability to be saved.

    • Muhammad Mansoor

      Thanks for reading the article and pointing out something which I wanted to edit out myself. The below portion is removed from the main article and mentioned here for records.

      Solution-for-peace does not hold this view as this Hadith is weak. There is no evidence in the Quran to support this.

      “There is a hadith, or a saying of the Prophet, regarding those who are mentally or physically disabled, or have learning difficulties, to the degree that they cannot understand, and those who lived and died during the hiatus between two prophets and did not receive the message. This hadith informs us that God Almighty will send them a prophet on the Day of Judgment, so they may believe in him and, upon that, they will be tested. Those who pass their test will enter paradise, and those who fail it will enter Hell-fire. It’s like they get a makeup exam.”

  • Linie Aquavit

    Wouldn’t it be more prudent to not pass along the message of Allah? That way people who were raised one way aren’t questioned with doubt and then automatically sent to hell for ignoring the message. Because the Quran still allows those to be saved.

    • Muhammad Mansoor

      I would rather know my Creator than bury my head in the sand. The fact that I have freewill necessitates I be given the knowledge and THEN the choice to choose. Correct knowledge of the creator leads to peace.

      • Linie Aquavit

        Excellent answer, but then I have a follow-up question. If you believe correct knowledge of your creator leads to peace then I have to wonder how thoroughly you have investigated religions like Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Scientology, Mormonism, etc. in order to rule those out as potentially better options

        • Muhammad Mansoor

          The answer of how much effort I have put in scrutinizing world religions for myself does not benefit you in your journey. It benefits none but me alone.

          Your question deserves an answer that cannot be put inside one comment or even one article. But I provide hints. In order to recognize the message as from God, I look at the message itself. The quest starts from here and ends here – i.e. scrutinizing the message. The message from God doesn’t stray far from what I as a human being already am capable of knowing about God without any aid. I start from what the message has got to say about itself. This is an important Question for formality sake which you can pose to all major world scriptures and check what they say about themselves. Almost all will fail to say anything. Then I ask Who does it ask me to worship? If it asks me to worship a human in the guise of God then I know its worth immediately. If it asks me to worship an Object or an Idol then I know its worth likewise. If it informs me that there is no God and focuses on spiritual development then I know its worth. If you observe I have covered 3 major world religions in the last three sentences.

          The religion must tell me “about” God in as much detail as is necessary for me to know. As I see “death” is a certainty to me which I cannot avoid, the religion must tell me clearly what happens to me after death. If there is nothing then it must tell me so clearly. If there is something then it must tell me so clearly. When I am subjected to so many laws made by humans like the constitution, border, home security, laws of finance and taxes etc I better be subjected to the ultimate laws of the Creator too. The true religion must give me a code which interferes deepest in my personal life to give me direction and make clear to me the “good” and “bad” whose definitions easily change between people, culture, geography and even time in history. Information about God and his nature, information about the afterlife and information about code of conduct are the three things which I would want to know. One third of the Quran speaks about God and his true attributes, one third of it speaks about the life after death and its nature in-detail and the remaining one third speaks about “us” and gives a code or law for life. I don’t find this coverage in any other religious book.

          The nature and character of the “bearer” of the Message also matters. The Creator chooses the best and the most capable human being for this purpose. You can read through the life of Prophet Muhammad from people who represent his creed. The internet is saturated with hate and lies towards him. But you must know that human beings always resist change by their nature. It’s up to you as to which side of the party you fall.

          “And if you obey most of those on earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie” Quran 6:116

          A forewarning that majority need not always be right.

          The true religion must provide me with straight forward concepts. It should not beat around the bush in answering core questions about God and “weave” concepts to suit one incorrect concept like one of the major world religion does. Islam provides me logical answers to all questions related to God, I take the leeway of using “all” here because this is so. The religion must be capable of overwhelming all false concepts if it is truly from God. Atheism, polytheism, Idolatry, saint or hero worship etc being few of them. I don’t see the scriptures of any other religion which is capable of doing this, especially answering Atheists. No religion can stand up to Atheism as Islam and the Quran does. I and people like me merely provide the narrative while the verses of the Quran do the actual answering. This is opposite to what happens when masters of other religions approach for example, Atheism. There arguments maybe worthy of consideration but their scriptures do little to back them up. A dialogue between Atheists and people of other religions is a rarity while it is a commonality with Islam. On another note. Islam does not have the baggage of others to explain. If you are aware of the fundamentals or “pillars” of faith on which other religions stand, then you will know what I am talking about.

          There are many more things which are covered in a previous article of mine here where I was asked a similar question by someone else. It covers more aspects of what I just discussed here.

          In Sha Allah (God willing) I put this into a proper article with many other points.

          • Linie Aquavit

            First, you should know that I have watched dozens of videos of atheists debating religion with many faiths (mostly Christian) but never Islam. Maybe this happens more in Muslim countries?

            Anyway, I appreciate that you believe Islam to answer all your questions about God, all your questions about the afterlife, and all the rules you must live by. But where is the proof that any of it is real? Millions of kids grow up thinking Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and other myths are real because we have concocted these neat little stories that are perfect lies. And because so many parents perpetuate these myths, kids go to school talking about what the Tooth Fairy left them under their pillow, and their friends support that belief. But at least the Tooth Fairy leaves some sort of evidence that she’s real; money under your pillow. Where is the proof that anything written in your Quran is real?

            Just because it’s old, just because all the answers appear to be there… just because you feel it in your heart… that’s not proof. And I understand that this is where “faith” comes in. But since the dawn of man, we have tried to answer these questions, and never once have we been right. The ancient Egyptians had their many gods, the Greeks theirs, the romans theirs, the pagans theirs, the Catholics, various other Christians (with more variations on religion than you can shake a stick at) and even Islam has various different sects in Sunni, Shi’ite, Sufi, Baha’is, etc. All these belief systems… and in your heart you KNOW yours to be true. But there are thousands of Islamists who don’t believe as you, and you even follow the same perfect book with the same perfect answers. And these groups are literally killing each other over those differences. The wars over Palestine and Israel, the wars in England, Belfast, and Tibet and a China… all because of beliefs in books that have not one shred of reliable proof.

            How can people not see that the only truly peaceful way forward is to shake off those myths, and see the real truths? There is no God. There is no afterlife. There are no sins. There is only human law. There are only laws of physics, science, and proof in what I can observe with my senses.

            Releasing the burdensome shackles of all religion is the straightest path to true enlightenment.