Refugees, collide the Left & the Right wings in Melbourne

Will ever God be pleased with us, as such since we are trespassing reflection from extending kindness to fellow Human begins. Don’t our voices reverberate in the parliament house every morning testifying to the Lord of Christ that we shall be gracious in giving? Now, when God comes asking at our shores should we deny him refuge? Must we detain Him in a far away land? Have we forgotten that he bestowed to us a continent over its inhabitants of the old? Do we yearn Him to reciprocate his favours away from us? Nay! I believe we must wish that He will continue to bless us more; such that we will strive our utmost to be Just.

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In embryology, Quran tips exquisite details

A fully formed ready to develop embryo is only a few centimetres in the womb at the end of 5th week. How could Quran 1400 yrs ago accurately described it in detail without the ultrasound or other scopes levied to us today? In such a scenario could you afford to doubt while it composes further to explain us resurrection by this clear similitude ...and [further], you see the earth barren and lifeless, but when we pour down rain on it, it is stirred [to life], it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth [in pairs].

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Quran miracles on colors, RGB, RYB, are sure evidence of God

Remarkably Red color a primary participate in additive and subtractive combinations of colors resulting in various shades unlike any other primary color is unique. It is interesting to note how Quran came to mention Red in particular while describing the spectrum of colors along with the information of its various shades adding up to White and subtracting down to extreme Black! Human or God? I would like to find out how uncommon it would be for someone to put this combination together while emphatically commenting on spectrum of colors in that age and time in history.

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