Evidence of God

An essay on some reflections to present Evidence of God-

Quran is a premier evidence from God which is an argument over people. If any Atheistic type of agenda need to succeed let them override this ancient book, must be really a piece of cake isn’t it? an ancient book most possibly will give away many a fallacies. A Muslim like me will promise you to accept defeat at your hands if you can produce a better rationale in the face of the Quran. But take your time and do not hurry with the book lest we may catch your fallacies quite easily as we too are reading from this ancient book studiously. Another aspect that might interest you of this web site is we mostly clarify the misquotes that often are charges over this ancient book by those given to haste and hate. This section specifically deals with the logical and scientific marvels of this ancient book. You’re warmly welcomed to browse through the posts in this section over the clear evidences of God to modern knowledgeable men.

First of all myself is the foremost evidence. If I didn’t exist the evidence was uncalled for. The other existences would just be real without me, myself having a nonexistent scenario. viz the human presence markedly since, has made tremendous efforts in understanding the reality of all existences including God’s. Some time ago our minds didn’t exist but other creatures and the greater cosmos did. Our quest perhaps may never undo the reality of existence neither be successful at uncovering the unseen power to where all existence finds its beginning. If so it has been declared as a law it will remain so, the unseen God is ever a reality. As for us in our quests we can only humble before this law as we do before all other laws of nature. If we propose a conditional argument to faith to first see God by the modern means at our disposal then nature would have falsified itself in letting down so many humans of the past who hosted similar quest to uncover God. While their marvel remnants still choke us from unravelling their secrets of art and technology. They had their technology and so were merited access to the unseen nature like we do! Perhaps there are other definite means that will limb you beyond such fallacies. Verifiable evidence means capturing substance or signals effectively within our instrumentation natural or industrious to decode its secretes, which facilitates understanding of its usefulness. Then such an evidence will conclusively satisfy our minds of having detected it. Human minds are huge processing centers, they will without fail inform you of your greed, but when you push limits bypassing this valuable command, resulting consequences render you in abject grief. Again this mind comes to aid through secreting nourishment to heal the anguish stricken body. Baffled, a good piece of advice from your companion brings immediate peace to you and then your mind boots back into function again. In case you still remain occupied with that collapsed acquisition that you pursued you may block any reasonable advice and redirect your mind to stall making yourself look stupid. It’s not your mind, but you will become stupid for not using your mind when you most needed it.

There is in many facets of human understanding evidences leading to comprehending God. Man’s chest in his deeper thoughts homes God or remains quested. Cognitive satisfaction are facilitated by a number of ways the foremost being a natural instinctive trait to belong to a creator God, then observation of things around us & within ourselves which is also known as scientific understanding, followed by logical reasoning, studies of historical confirmation of God & God’s dealings with civilisations of the past and present, very prominently people who were chosen to represented God such as Prophets and finally the word of God know as the holy scriptures. The demand to direct uncovering of God before our eyes is not levied due its imminent non reconciliation with perpetuity and a conflict with the nature of capable faculties to acknowledge God unseen. Acknowledgement of God endorses a covenant with God to bring about Justice between men by bearing testimony to establish righteousness and truthfulness while eschewing evil. I do not know how appealing it is to see God and then believe, yeah God exists I see him, won’t that just become perpetual to everyone? Our spiritual self known as ‘nafs’ in Arabic language, which is our conscience is tokened to draw conclusions upon clear thoughtful processes utilizing all our senses and intellectual abilities which are the primary tools that have successfully enabled complete and indiscriminate access to all humans since the beginning of human race.

Please know there is access to God. You can in complete sincere humility ‘call’ upon Him it is called ‘dua’ in the Arabic language. He will rescue you from the nightmares you suffer from, a premier piece of evidence. Then on, you have to build your rapport by thanks giving & praises, after every instance you remind Him to yourself He gets ingrained in your mind, this is known as ‘zdhikr’. Now since your mind is conscious of His might in reaching your senses you need to command yourself to establish a connection which is called as ‘sil or salah’. This act will render your entire senses into an ecstasy of a magnificent empowerment and a permanent evidence that ever resides in you and which remains very personal to you. Faith is but a personal journey! Try this out.

Evidence of God is based on an exclusive law of conclusion. Which is, a sought means to fulfil Gods’ argument over the issue of Man’s acknowledgement of Him. Based upon the outcomes of human responses to facing evidences or signs from God the law terminates into a favourable outcome of mercy or a terrible outcome of retribution from Him. God only intends to be Just to you but it is seldom your choice to face his wrath. Because in His measure of Justice, truth and falsehood are treated markedly unlike. Quran 10.35-36 قل هل من شركائكم من يهدي الى الحق قل الله يهدي للحق افمن يهدي الى الحق احق ان يتبع امن لا يهدي الا ان يهدى فما لكم كيف تحكمون وما يتبع اكثرهم الا ظنا ان الظن لا يغني من الحق شيئا ان الله عليم بما يفعلون -Say (to them O’ Muhammad), identify your partners who guide you to truth. Inform them further, Allah is the guide to truth. So He who guides to truth more worthy to obedience or he who guides not except that he is guided (by God)? What is the matter then, how do you Judge? They follow not except, most of them pursue assumptions. Conjecture yields nothing against truth. Very clearly Allah is aware with your doings-.