Is God a blood thirsty figure?

The neo science admirer’s floated a view in the modern world over religions and across cultures in order to meticulously estrange people from faith. The once reliance on an ever merciful God into disbelief, from now the rather discourteous God that won’t just save people their sufferings. Among the attributions of barbarism, pillage and anti humane values the Judo Christian holy crimes involving innocent lives questioned their holy sanctity and rendered its undertakings as sacrilegious. In recent times the armed conflict involving Buddhists driving scores of refugees into Asia pacific and Australia drags them into limelight too. With their spree the neo science ‘ers began originally with the old Jewish doctrine as scribbled in the hearsay traditions to plunder, projecting the God of the Bible as the Blood thirsty God.

And the infamous crusades, has in the western world ever increasingly deserted many from the Christian generations; away from the loving God of the Gospel. Islam unfortunately in similar lines receives both plunder and polarisation. Zionists assaulting the disgruntled civilians of Palestine. Communists & Western political intrusions of Muslims lands. Prolonged engagements designed for regime rectification that has resulted in the invasion of regional traditions & culture. Buddhists massacre of the Burmese’s Muslims. Hindu bigotry over Dalit (outcast) and other minorities such as Sikhs, Christians & Muslims populations. Significant enough to mention the media’s strategic demonising of the Quran in selected verses. Alas! Is religion to blame for all of these scenarios? Quite recently in Syria say, Muslim denominations: Shia, Sunni and more, along side Christian denominations and others lived together peacefully for many a centuries. Was modern politics watching over their backs for healthy coexistence? I guess No. Religion, has since ancient times taught man to honour thy neighbour regardless of dissenting faith & beliefs. Such principles fostered happy neighbourhoods and people lived happily centuries on with much appreciated cordial exchange of cultural values and festivities.

God wasn’t blood thirsty until men unearthed resources in the desert Arabia, in the middle eastern context. And as self centred dogmas gained wide popularity in pugilistic terms across nations over nationalism. Religion was then chased and put to abuse by its unlearned followers and exploiters alike as God got screened behind soaring flags of various colors. Since, the dawn of explosives nothing, but the brute political voice of hatred has suffered humankind and so it continues to do in our present times. What went wrong in our politics that we can not stand dissenting ideologies over which religion was exemplary in tolerance? Why must say, American styled Democracy indulge in demonising other forms of traditionally functioning governments and ideologies across the world. Claiming Americanism as the only novel way for societies to function, inferring other nations oblivious to it as despicable. Where in scores of unqualified voters can cast their ballets to power unworthy men raising the susceptibility for populists reign. What has conspired over the twentieth century to ignorantly bully the holy name of God? We need to reflect! Our caring God in his divine wisdom has encouraged people to institute a meritorious regime to govern the affairs of men. Every time a people flagged royalty to a select elite, God reformed them to meritorious election based on consultation. So did, Jesus and Muhammad fathered no hires perhaps God only intended to mushroom them as his messengers, by their examples He taught men to abolish Kingdoms and blind following and restored knowledge amongst masses through his scripture educating them to Justice , blessings of God be on them.

We need to stand by God’s teachings favouring people again, firmly opposing the influential lobbies who undoubtedly manipulate civilian liberties and privileges. A populists styled Democracy abases merit and exceedingly fails to administer fair governance. A majority elected political party with closely following opposition mostly gives way to many a loud parliament houses wherein most often governance is wasted in debating issues due to favouritism. And generally the educated voices are unheard because of bureaucracy or unpopularity. Which has increasingly been the primary source of ignorant domestic and foreign policies leading to heightened security threats across the world. In my opinion secular (antagonist to religious doctrine) sought impulsive has massacred scores many more people than all the religiously instigated killings. Just the Atomic bombs have soiled more souls than anything else! Besides its power of radioactivity continues to induce congenital abnormalities in Japanese births even to this day. Secular political agenda in the garb of freedom and liberty has sanctified war warmongering, compelling other nations deferred to it as the ‘only this way else the war-way’ paradigm. On the other hand God has recommended sanctity to life instituting righteousness as your religion. Thou shall not lie, thou shall not steal, thou shall not fornicate, thou shall not kill,  thou shall care for thy neighbour as thyself…think well of others and so of God too.